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  1. Funny thing really, this all started because a vape magazine included an editorial on the IQOS. Yet these same decriers of “Big Tobacco’s Evil Ploy” haven’t kicked up the same amount of fuss for e-cigs made by the tobacco industry.

    Like you, and many others, I couldn’t give a flying rats arse who makes the product I choose to use/consume, the point is the product is there for me to choose.

    Do I want to know why you’re investigating buying chainsaws?

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    Some vapers have become as ideological as the ANTZ and are looking astonishing similar (a typical case of “you become what you fight”?). And for some, I guess, it’s a matter of having to believe that “e-cigarettes save lives” so they know why they made the switch and why they keep it up and don’t fall back into smoking. And a whole lot of them just don’t get that they’re falling for the good old “divide and conquer” of the Antis. And yet another whole lot of them don’t realize they’re part and victims of a global war on tobacco that rather faster than slower is changing into a war on nicotine – which will make sure the Antis will keep their lucrative jobs for quite some time and will keep lots of opportunities to make life miserable for a great many people worldwide.


    • ANTZ must be laughing themselves sick at all those who are fighting their battle for them.  Has it occurred to Vapers [and Scorchers] that if ANTZ managed to eliminate cigarettes, that they would not turn their attention full force on any form of nicotine?  They [ANTZ] claim they want to reduce smoking to less than 5% of the population.  Do the gullible out there seriously think they will stop there?

      • I guess in the meantime even the most gullible have realized that the Antis and Nannies won’t (stop that is) …

      • if ANTZ managed to eliminate cigarettes, that they would not turn their attention full force on any form of nicotine?”

        Here in the freedom loving state of N.S.W. as of July 2018 it will be an offence to vape in any non-smoking area. The punishment if caught will be a $550 on the spot fine.

    Gullible is as gullible does.  Most of the vapers I know/have read about/seen have switched to vaping because they thought it was less of a health risk – in and of itself evidence that they were gullible enough to believe all the health hype about cigarettes in the first place.  So it should come as no surprise that they are similarly gullible enough to believe that the antis “like” or “approve of” or “prefer” vaping and thus won’t turn on them the moment real smoking becomes unprofitable for them.  Vapers can’t even see that the more they push their gadgets onto smokers and encourage more and more smokers to switch, with their Billion Lives films and their VApril campaign and their parroting of anti-smoking rhetoric, the more they hasten that moment along.  Why else do they think that anti groups have recently included vaping in their twee campaigns as “cessation aids?”  Antis can see which way the wind is blowing (with cuts to anti-smoking funding cropping up all over the place as the law of diminishing returns cuts in), and the one thing antis are good at is making plans for their own continued existence.  What a shame e-cig enthusiasts can’t see this, too.
    Vapers’ ability to bury their heads in the sand and apply selective memory techniques gives non-smoking drinkers – similarly self-deluding in an airy “Oh, that’ll never happen to us” sort of way – a run for their money.

    • “What a shame e-cig enthusiasts can’t see this, too.”Oh, but some of us do. Only, that doesn’t change anything, does it?

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