The death of me — 9 Comments

  1. Holy beans! Hell of a way to start the new mowing season. Once you recover (hopefully) and get enough gumption to put a new belt on you might want to check the pulleys and blade spindles to see if one has bad bearings causing it to turn stiffly or wobble. Either one will throw a belt pretty easily.

    • I think its more down to wear and the belt stretching over time.  The pulleys are all sound.  What annoys me is that two of the pulleys have devices to stop the belt jumping off, and its those devices that make it almost impossible to replace the belt!

  2. Hire some sheep or a cow or two for a couple of days or geese. The geese in the local park keep the grass nice and short and fertilised. Would scare the hell out of cat and those wanderers who pester you for directions. Might even get a few eggs to eat.

    Don’t get goats they will eat everything else that’s green before touching grass.

  3. Yes, the first day decent enough to cut the jungle. I had a very similar day. My drive belt stayed on and wasn’t a bit of bother – but the little chain drive jumped off the (plastic) drive cog every time I tried to reverse. It’s never done it before, obviously a new trick it’s developed to drive me mad this summer. Useless bits of engineering!

    • Why do they insist on using plastic?  One of the three belt pulleys is plastic on mine.  It smashed at one time and was damned expensive to replace [with another plastic one].

  4. Buy a Kevlar belt. They are expensive but will drag the big end through the exhaust pipe before they slip. Pump the tyres up to lift your cut height for the first go then let some air out for subsequent attacks. I bought a 26hp Kohler v twin to mow Bula acres last year and have so far destroyed 6 mower blades and 1 mandrel due to too much horsepower and non slip belts! There is always a weakest link somewhere.

    • I actually have a spare belt.  I inherited the machine from the parents and at some stage they bought one and it has been hanging in the garage ever since.  The aches and pains have subsided a bit so I may try fitting it today.

    • Good old Darryl!  You never let me down.  Mind you – they’d freeze here except for a couple of days in the year when we get some summer.

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