The mad wolf in sheep’s clothing — 11 Comments

  1. Once again bring it on. The faster the government goes to reveal to anyone who thinks they are benign that they are the exact opposite the better.

    ASH is government lobbying government.


  2. As I have said since the get-go, one of the first tangible ‘benefits’ of BrexSShite will be cigarettes/tobacco going up in price to Oz/Nz levels. Best case scenario for a couple of years after at most will be a ‘duty free’ allowance of 250g, but ASShites are lobbying hard and we will no doubt be down to 50g real soon…for all our Childrens’ health of course.

    Smoking turkeys not only voted for Xmas, they insisted that everyday be declared Xmas and twice on Sundays.



    • ‘duty free’ allowance of 250g” Luxury!

      The Oz ‘duty free’ levels were reduced last year to 25 grams plus one open packet as part of a ‘health initiative’.

      Ha! health initiative, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

      How do you know when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

  3. “lead to better health” is one of those phrases so much more scarier in the original German -akin to ‘lead to better racial purity’….or even just ‘public health’.

  4. Now this is amusing. Guy self immolation using fossil fuels to try to stop the rest of us from using them.

    A lawyer, supposedly highly intelligent, 60 and his speciality was lgbt rights.

    Myself, I’ll do a couple of doughnuts in his memory and maybe, just maybe quit being suspicious that he could have been hiv positive and took the easy way out.

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