The sins of the few — 14 Comments

    • Yes.  Rhetorical question I know.

      The populations of your place and here are compliant self policing slaves who kowtow to authority whatever form it takes.

  1. Of course it’s a load of bollocks. It’s just the same with the global warming scam, it’s just another excuse to tax us ,so they can waste even more of our money. £14 billion foreign aid anybody?

  2. I agree with bucko.

    It’s money grabbing, pure and simple. No matter where you look, everywhere – globally – there is incredible waste of money, so they need more to be able to waste more, helped by the useful idiots who believe in a “cause” and the “philanthropists” who finance all these NGOs which in turn again pay the useful idiots. It’s that simple imho. In medieval times it lead to pitch forks being utilized when the “elites” became too greedy – today? Brainwashed into thinking “there’s nothing I can do”. Or into not thinking at all.

    • Two sentences you will never hear me utter – “I read it in the papers so it must be true” and “It’s the law so I must obey”.  😈

  3. Of course money is behind it.  The so called “charities” make a handsome living out of it and the gubmint coins in the taxes.

    Increased taxation is just the order of the day now.   A “charity” [funded in part by the gubmint] wants us to shell out another 3 billion for a “fairer society”?  Fuck that.  Let them reduce spending by 3 billion for a fairer society….

  4. It’s the culture of irresponsibility – someone else is always to blame. I don’t understand the problem with telling people they are grown ups and that they can make their own choices, then if they eat or drink their way into an early grave, it’s their choice.

    I wonder when it will occur to these anti-obesity do-gooders that all that will happen is that people will simply add more salt/sugar/fat to all those reduced-stuff foods once they get home?  These enjoyment-reducing regulations may do more to encourage everyone to do more cooking at home – even if that’s just warming up a tin of beans to go on toast – than any number of daft rules about the distance between fast-food outlets and school entrances can ever do!  The “home cooked food” so beloved of these food-fanatics (who seem to be convinced that the only things people will cook at home will be quinoa salads and brown rice) might end up being less healthy than KFC or Macdonalds.  Then they’ll have to do a complete about-face and bring in a whole raft of regulations obliging everyone to visit their local chippie at least once a week.  A bit like the about-face they’ve recently had to do about butter v. artificial “spreads.”  Seems that no matter how long they try to keep lying about something, the truth has an irritating habit of showing itself eventually …

    • Visit the local chippie fair enough but don’t ever buy anything at their off the scale prices, no thanks. Fleece it local alive and kicking.

    <i>“Why the fuck doesn’t the herd wake up to this scam?”</i>
    Because they can’t do that and come away with their pride intact, plain and simple.  Because the moment they publicly admit that they don’t believe all this b*llocks then they’ll have to explain why they did believe all the same b*llocks about smoking and passive smoking – and not only believed it, but actively changed their behaviour because of it.  There’s really no answer they can come up with to that question without effectively either (a) making themselves look suspiciously like hypocrites (i.e. “I believed that because it didn’t affect me; but I don’t believe this because it does.”); (b) making them look like people who have the memory of a goldfish (i.e. “I don’t remember them saying all that about smoking! Did they really?”); or (c) making them look like the brainwashed fools that they are (i.e. “Oh, but it’s all true about smoking.  Lots of Experts have said so.  But it isn’t true about this.”).  None of which really presents them as persons of towering, analytical, objective intellect, does it?  Far better to just keep quiet about it and hope that no-one questions them about the contradictory nature of their two positions.  Ho hum.  What a shame none of them saw that the anti-smoking movement were, through their many machinations, silencing compliant, obedient non-smokers on future issues like these every bit as much as they have already silenced most smokers about smoking “facts.”

  7. Apart from the available easy-money for these campaigning do-gooders, it’s also about power.

    Most of them are basically inadequates, they never made anything or achieved anything which would have qualified them for power in any real sense, they could not succeed in any proper walk of life.  But, by merely stringing together a yarn, whether it’s about food, climate or whatever, they discover that they can have power over millions of folk, visibly changing all their lives – and, for any inadequate, that must give them quite a buzz.  The fact that the dumbos in government fall for it and throw money at them merely encourages them, hence their power-kick grows as every grant-cheque arrives, so much so that they probably even start to believe it themselves, so the cycle continues unabated by common sense.

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