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    • Maybe I should reply to them asking asking for an explanation of what precisely an explainer is?  I could then offer to make them an explainer video showing what their explainer is in detail so they can spam me with it?

  1. Say what you like about Gmail, its spam filters are both vicious and surprisingly righteous (ie its rare it sends something into the abyss by mistake).


    • What I may do is switch all my domain accounts to Gmail [if I can remember my access things] and then apply strict filters – delete anything that isn’t sent directly from the registry, so I still get genuine notifications and the like.  It will take a while [I can’t bulk change settings] but it should clear things up a bit.

      • I have gone right off computers atm. You recall the FUN FUN FUN you had with the racconstitution because she’d nuked the WPdatabase/backup file? Well last week, somehow I got myself into ‘helping’ a friend (who knows even less about MSAccess and databases than I …and that’s saying something) restore the database for his business after he had not backed up since 2012 and then managed to Format/U his C: .Fortunately I got him to print off a dead tree copy of his list of clients before he nuked his HDD and now I’m researching *OCR possibilities…that or manually entering the 150 sides of A4 line by line into the database. *is not a happy bunny*  Right now Quills and parchment are looking like a technical advance.

        Switching domain email to gmail is usually easy enough-even i managed to do it, I think gmail even offer a handy wiztard.

  2. If I were to try to make a video explaining this sites theme, what would I put in it?

    Anti-authoritarian perhaps?

    • Hah!  Brilliant.  I can even invent what car I drive?  It’s a pity though that they don’t include Ireland.  I’ll just have to become British?

  3. I think your sub heading about ramblings is all that is needed to explain what the site/blog is all about. I have a website devoted to my microbrewery. Angles Ales. The clue is in the term ales, it describes the microbrewery and the beers that are made. I think it is pretty much self explanatory. I too do not need a video of yeast budding or glasses being filled to explain what we provide. BTW, I love the Sponge Bob analogy. Our society is being infantilised.

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