Taking to the lifeboats — 10 Comments

  1. Yuckity yuck!

    I doubt it’ll be okay on Saturday for mowing, then it’s back.

    With a dog you like, a cat foisted – that you don’t,  a sprog on crutches and your other half who knows your weasely cheapskate ways, you do not need a goat. And while they don’t need to be started, they’re a swine to turn off.

    If you must, then go buy a spring lamb. Allow it to grow, to areate your lawns, eat your flowers and most weeds. Keep until October, then flog it at considerable profit to the folks who use your nearest mosque.

    Buyer collects!

    (Oh, can you please, pretty please, get my email off your darned comment reply thing?)



    • Hah!  That’s Dublin.  My area apparently is dry[ish] until Sunday so the goat is spared.  I wasn’t going to buy one – I was going to offer my garden as grazing for a goat [and a small fee of course].

  2. Grandad.. Goats dont like rain and if you leave them in it they bleat their heads off… also they are browsers…not firefox or chrome, when i kept them they liked everything bar grass!

  3. Thank you for reminding me about mowing the lawn, Grandad.  Must get on and do it on Saturday as long as it’s dry. Supposed to be very clement in these parts at the weekend.

    • All day yesterday and today we are in the clouds.  No rain – just fog.  As a result everything is still as wet as ever so I doubt if the grass will get cut for another week or two.

  4. “Of course the tractor wouldn’t start so I had to charge the battery and leave it overnight”

    You really don’t have much luck with batteries, do you?

    • The AAs and AAAs are fine.  It’s the big 12V jobbies that don’t like me.  Incidentally, my car battery trouble was down to a dead cell.

  5. Those type of storms will get you every time. And when it rains it usually pours while it’s at it. If you like, I’ll come and bail for you?

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