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  1. With vaccines I tend to the view expressed in that memorable film “Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet”:

    Defense Attorney: So while no cures can be attributed to ‘606,’ 38 deaths resulted from it’s use?

    Dr. Emil Von Behring: 39.

    Defense Attorney: 39? You know of another death?

    Dr. Emil Von Behring: Yes, syphilis. The death of syphilis itself.


    Ahhhh yes never missing an opportunity: “If you smoke, it can prevent the infection from clearing up.” 

  2. I’m tempted to post a little tirade about the abuse of the word ‘risk’ by epidemiologists. I’ve not seen other people remarking on this so I may be out on a limb here but I think it’s because everyone is so habituated to this misuse of the word that they don’t give it any thought.

    • If people can get offended by an excuse of a dog lifting its paw for the amusement of an excuse of a human being then I feel justified in ‘red flagging’ the ‘shoot the smokers’ comments  under Capt.Peacocks link.

      Your complaint has been noted and we are looking into the comment you highlighted.

      Summary of your complaint details:

      Article: Austria SCRAPS smoking ban in bars and restaurants to defend ‘freedom of choice’? (/news/article-5535745/Austria-SCRAPS-smoking-ban-bars-restaurants.html)

      Author: P Applefield

      Date: 23/03/2018

      Comment ID: 294979645

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