The Revelation — 11 Comments

  1. Reading through it I was reminded of the writings of the Flying Scroll Jezreelites   

    and also those of the various groups who hold/held the British to be the Lost Tribe Of Israel.

    ie Batshit insane but quaintly so in a gentle ‘too much study doth make a man mad’ way.


    • I love these people who take a random series of events and tie them together in a web of coincidence to prove their point, which usually seems to be the End of Days.  What is this fascination with the end of the world?  Who gives a shit?

  2. type ‘beaufort hum resolved’ into youtube and I can guarantee you something even funnier than the above. Beaufort is a village in kerry

    • Welcome John!  Dammit but I always knew dem Kerry fellas was up to somethin’.  I blame the Healy Rae Clan.

  3. “It says in Revelations”, he writes. There being no such book in the Bible as “Revelations”, the last book being the “Revelation,” one can only assume he has received special revelations!

  4. Maybe your strange pain in the heel is Plantar fasciitis. I started getting it in my right heel and not realising what it was (just thought it was me getting old!) it gradually became very unpleasant. If it is get some decent shaped arch support insoles for your shoes – the £2.99 ones from Aldi work just as well as the £35 engineered ones from the chiropodist – and use them before it gets worse. As for CERN’s effect on the vibrational matrix or how socks learned the art of invisibilty I’m as lost as you are.

  5. Now see what you made me do! Looking up Isaiah 11:6 led me to a Reddit thread. Folks there are talking about how certain phrases in their bibles have miraculously changed from what they are *absolutely* certain they used to say. (Of course, it couldn’t possibly be faulty memory.)

  6. “…….where odd socks go…….”. It has been noted that every time a sock goes missing in the washing machine, you will find a new wire coat hanger in your wardrobe. Perhaps there really is a God and he/she is just winding us up.

  7. A rather horrible lack of punctuation if you ask me. Otherwise pure spam if not a bit entertaining.

    By the way, we haven’t had a lost sock since we got rid of our dryer and started hanging clothes on the line the old fashioned way. This just proves what I’ve always suspected. That dryers, with their heat and rotating motion plus clothes flopping around inside, creates a quasi sock-sized wormhole inside the fabric of space/time that resides within the rotating drum of a dryer. This quasi-wormhole is not stationary and moves around withing the circular vortex created by the rotation of the drum and the heat therein. This explains why a single sock only disappears once in awhile rather than every time you dry clothes since the quasi-wormhole and said sock have to be in precise alignment.

    Or should I send you an email about this with no subject?

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