Giving facts a holiday — 3 Comments

  1. Confidence tricks. Repeat something ad nauseam, and everyone will be convinced it’s the “truth” and nothing but … Bubble, and all that.

    Have you read about the Foundation for a Smoke Free World and Derek Yach (one of the “architects” of the disgusting FCTC) who is banned at that little conference (of roundabout 3000 tobcon-bubble-dwellers)?
    Here you go:

  2. Just read your last post, which ties in rather well with your current one. If I have understood the graphs aright, smoking was at its lowest EBB when there were no health warnings, no pathology porn packs, no smoking verbots, no advertising bans, no ‘Public Health’ nor fASHists; and toddlers and nursing  mothers were required by law to smoke a  pack of woodbine a day? You know, back in the Bad Old Days before we all became so much more enlightened .

    • Don’t forget – those graphs don’t show prevalence of smoking, rather the frequency that “smoking”  is mentioned in published material.  In other words, smoking used to be very common but nobody bothered writing about it.  It was only when they discovered that Big Money could be made…….

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