Starve them into submission — 13 Comments

  1. ” Bulgaria and the UK did the right thing to pass tough packaging regulations, and there is no doubt that their public health will improve due to their efforts”

    Think The Bestes Frau In The World has a better grip on reality and she’s a paranoid psychotic who thinks demons inhabit just about anything you care to name.

    • This is precisely the way they work.  To them, “there is no doubt that their public health will improve” is tantamount to scientific proof.  Let a few months pass and they will start claiming that “public health has improved“.  They always work on the suggestion principle where a suggestion becomes fact over time – remember the days when “smoking may damage your health” which suddenly became “smoking will damage you health”?

  2. “a total profit of less than €200 per year.” but no mention that BIG GOVERNMENT earns/steals a similar amount from just a couple of dozen packets of ciggies!

    • Welcome Xopher [B]!  In the interests of fairness, I didn’t mention that as it can be argued that at least I get some of that back in the form of services.  Laughable I know, but I’m pre-empting any counter arguments.

      • I’m one of those who is getting some of it back and get some satisfaction from that but know they’re going to make it back by not having to pay my pension any more! I’ve got to say my local medics are good value looking after me well and keeping me positive. 

        • Everyone gets a small portion of it back in the way of roads, street lights, police etcetera but I have set out on a wee mission – to screw every last penny out of them in pensions, allowances, supplementary payment and the like.  Hard work, a bit of fun but quite rewarding!  They make it so easy to take it from us, but so hard to get it back!

  3. For those who are interested; I went and saw G today -for the first time in ages-and am pleased to report he is doing well and seems ok on all fronts. Apparently it got so cold where he is that the river that runs passed his house actually froze and even though it’s been a week now the road to his village is still not completely free of snow.


  4. Besides BigTobacco, BigGovernment, and BigTobaccoControl there is some else who profits substantially from smokers: BigPharmafia!

    And it’s not just their patently useless, very expensive quitting gimmicks. Just think about how much money they make with the treatment of all those illnesses “attributable to smoking”! COPD, cancer, CVD, impotence, …

    • I get the impression that Big Pharma has been sidelined.  They had their uses, financing their sales agents for patches and gum, but now TC is into a bigger game.  The latter talk far more now about banning than quitting.

  5. Dear Grandad


    “When we pass laws that cause tobacco companies to sell fewer cigarettes, we must observe how companies react to these laws and anticipate how to continuously improve them to prevent tobacco companies from evading the bills and regulations.”

    “When we pass laws …”?

    I don’t remember voting for them to pass any laws.

    Any ‘evasion’ of regulations is done by the customer doing the sticking, folding or transfer to tins, rather than Big Tobacco, something they are perfectly entitled to do.


    • That is the point they consistently miss.  Once I have purchased something it becomes my property, and I can do what I like with the packaging or the contents.  How Tobacco Control think they still own the right to dictate how I treat my property is beyond me.

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