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  1. I have been saying this for some time. I even wrote two articles on it recently. All of these Public Elf types have noted what they consider to be the success of the ‘Tobacco Control’ template and are trying to apply the same tactic in all other health scares they want to perpetrate.

    Very soon now, we will all be living on gruel and water (pretty much what we all had to live on as fairly recently as the 18th/19th century). They are so ‘progressive’ these days that they have gone full circle and are actually ‘regressive’ but just don’t realise it, or the irony.

    The best part of all is that the same people say we need a MINIMUM of 2500 calories a day to live on. The the latest Public Elf guidelines are stating we should consume no more than 400 calories for breakfast, then no more than 600 for dinner and tea (or dinner and supper depending on your preferences). So we all end up 700 calories short of the MINIMUM level to survive.

    Amazingly, if we followed the guideline of Public Elf exactly, we would actually find that our ancestors ate better during wartime rationing than we do in the modern day and age. There’s real progress for you !!

    • It was interesting to note the time lag in the graphs though?  A case of correlation [rather than causation]?

      It’s all bollox anyway.  You cannot treat an entire population as if it were a “standard”.  There is no such thing as a standard man or woman.

  2. The Government of the laughingly name United Kingdom (which is currently a Disunited Queendom, so much for gender equalisation) has a quango or two one of which is named Public Health England and they are driving this agenda through a set of data constructed from their rules and measures and tests and surveys. Wankers.

    The template for this is the planning procedure where a planning authority can give itself planning permission to do whatever the fuck its ‘people’ deem necessary. Wankers.

    This democracy shite is vastly overrated.

    • to do whatever the fuck its ‘people’ deem necessary.”  I don’t think anyone claims these measures are necessary except for the people in Public Health, and the tabloid readers who soak up the propaganda.

      Democracy ceases to exist the moment polling stations close.

  3. This morning i was diagnosed with diabetes, ive put on two stone since i retired,  if you eat more than you need you will get fat and develop diabetes in your old age

    and ive been a proper boozer for decades but i gave up months ago so not many lifes pleasures left

    • My advice to you Robbo is don’t worry about it. I will hedge a bet that it’s type 2 you’ve been diagnosed with? I was diagnosed type 2 in 2009, since then I’ve learned a lot, not about the diabetes as such but the politics behind it. Did you know that your GP gets a bonus for every person diagnosed? Neither did I at the time. I still eat what I like and live the way I want and feel fine. I live my way but tell the doctor a different story, and guess what – all the half yearly tests show that my diabetes is being ‘managed’ wonderfully. At the same time I was diagnosed, they also bought in the ‘cholesterol’ ruse (quite possibly a second bonus for the GP) and put me on statins – I’ve never taken those either. Read up on those, you’ll find that they do more harm than good.

      As regards weight, I weigh the same now as back in 2009, I’m 5ft 4in and weigh 67 kilos. So that tells me that diabetes can’t really be blamed on weight either. So I’ve either made a miraculous recovery, or the doctors are on a fiddle. Take your pick.


      • Herself was on statins and they had disastrous side effects.  She came off them immediately and we just hope there was no lasting damage.

        • I was put on statins. This was before all the publicity so it took years of being ill – it was diagnosed as ongoing heart problems following a heart attack, therefore vital you take the statins! – before I realised and stopped taking them. The heart weakness is still there, always will be, but doesn’t stop me doing what I want to do, not like the serious disability the statins caused. I estimate it took a year before most of the statin effects wore off, some never completely have.

    • There would also be close correlation with the reduction in everyday physical labour.

      Back then most men did physical work all day in factories, farms, mines and shipyards: most women did heavy physical domestic work without a kitchenful of labour-saving devices – send the men back down the mines, take away the washing-machines/tumble-dryers/disposable nappies and the implied problem’s solved.  (Are you going risk to telling her or shall I?)

      • Uptick, historical obesity rise starts with drop-off in physical labour and spread of central heating, keep cool and keep active….

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