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    • I have seen photos of snowwomen all right.  The problem is that they tend to undergo gender reassignment when their tits fall off.

  1. The politically corrupted (PC) version is now Snowpal or Snowfriend as in the song Frosty the Snowfriend – not in this house it ain’t 😉

    • Bollox!  It may be black but that’s only skin deep.  At heart it’s as white as snow.

  2. Vaguely related to ethnicity and snow…. I can entirely understand if it’s something that yerself mightn’t want to go anywhere near …  but I was quite boggled at the recent excavator antics at Lidl in west Dublin  – given that your Taoiseach and his chums are looking at some considerable net immigration to the Emerald Isle.

    yup… I was erm… surprised

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