If it saves one life — 3 Comments

  1. Manor is looking lovely draped in its white blanket. Apparently according to another Irish ‘channel’ this weather is “all our fault”. Apparently men have been meddling with the jet stream, probably giving it hallucinogenics and that is why your beautiful white lawn has appeared ‘out of season.

    Still windy but at least the cloud is breaking up and the sun is getting through, toasty through the glass.

  2. 1940: 27-28th Jan. was “blizzard of the decade in Scotland, England.” (My future husband was born earlier in Jan.; I arrived in Feb.)
    1941: Jan-Feb “West Midlands 12-15in. snow” (Both of us then just one year old.)
    1947: Feb-Mar “Probably worst since 1814” (My future BIL was born in Feb.)

    During those winters, our respective mothers would’ve bundled up themselves, and their infants, and ploughed the prams through the snow to the local shops. Not too far, ‘cos there were local shops in those days, but still a chilly trudge. There was generally only one room in a house with any heating (a fire that had to be laid and lit). Ice formed on the inside of windows as well as the outside.

    Right now, I’m raising a glass to the doggedness of my Mom and Mum-in-Law, both now sadly departed.

  3. I finally understand the whole EU problem. Somewhere, maybe Brussels, in an incredibly well appointed meeting room, 62 people decided the best name for a snow storm would be “code red”. All our American troops should be called home.

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