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  1. Glad you’ve spotted it too – just one of the many hidden agendas of the EU, as it builds its fantasy super-state on the sands of ignorance.

    Unless you’re Mandelson, Blair, Clegg or another paid EU placeman, the ‘Remainers’ in the UK are in blissful denial of these insidious policies, preferring to believe that the EU is just some benevolent cross between Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.   But then Hitler managed to persuade enough non-thinkers that his aims were only pure and good – and that didn’t work out too well, I seem to recall.

    • I have learned that invariably there is an ulterior motive in the actions of our Lords and Masters these days.  When you look at the overall picture it’s fairly plain.

      Of course in Ireland we have the Bleeding Hearts who proclaim that other countries took in the Irish from the Famine onwards, but they always overlook one important fact – that most Irish went to the US [English speaking and underpopulated] or the UK [also English speaking and quite similar to Irish culture and customs].  Times are very different now.

  2. Ah, the problem all Western European states are facing. Personally I want a very long wall, lots of troops and machine guns. Problem eliminated. I’ve done with being nice.

  3. you just need to look at america for the future of europe a bunch of groups played off each other for the benefit of political parties and ideologies

  4. and have been raised purely with Irish traditions and customs.

    Taken to its illogical-captain conclusion, Granddaughter is not British because we speak German to her, sing her German nursery rhymes and force feed her German chocolate whenever we can?   Any NIer who moves south and marries a good colleen but raises his kids in Ulster Scots is denying them the chance to be Irish?

    My view on it is simple : ” Are they a cunt?” Colour , creed and race don’t come into it. For all I care the non-cunty can live where ever they want…mind you, that said, there seems to be a significant numberage of cunts in Islam and also sub-Saharan Africa. You think whittling your daughter’s labia with a rusty coke can is ok? Then you’re a cunt. You think whichever Sky Fairy Spaghetti monster you worship wants you to push bum bandits off roofs and ban smoking, you’re an even bigger cunt.



  5. Your GreatGreatGreat Granddad would have looked at you in dismay and called you whatever the archaic Gaelic and obscene term for “a Brit” was.  That’s the thing about Culture, national identity and language; they all change constantly- just as soon as you have defined Britishness, or one aspect of it, they bloody well go and change it.

  6. The immigration agenda aside, and no I have no idea what the agenda behind it is save for the apparent reality of the thing, the jcb must have been driven by jonny foreigner or possibly jonny irish, who knows. Well getting one of those thing started up is fairly easy once you are shown how but controlling one without killing yourself or some fellow looter is not.

    I once found myself in a trench in what was once a sandbank but became shipyard where I was directing a jcb driver to remove said sand to allow the laying of a new pipe to connect to an existing one. I was five feet or so down in the sand and the digger arm and bucket were at full stretch as the jcb had to keep way back from the edge of the trench else it would end up in it.

    The driver was stood up with a two hands and one foot on three separate controls leaning forward out of his window so he could just about see the end of the bucket as he scraped out three inch deep slices of sand without catching it on the live gas main. Incredible to watch. Point being he was driving this thing day in day out which is how he got so good at it.

    Chummy demolishing Lidl must have had some experience of driving such a machine as he didn’t kill anyone. Where he got it and how he decided to use it to demolish the building on a whim is something to ponder.

    And then there is the speed with which they were brought to trial, if the British media have it right (jury out on that one). In the collision between the beast and Emma courts, cops, lawyers all rallied round in spite of the weather and dealt with the scum which if true is rather quick.

    • There is an article [which I linked above also] which goes into a little more detail.  It includes an extended bit of video which shows the JCB driver attempting to break open the safe which was their target.  He obviously knew how to handle the machine and was also familiar in hot-wiring and bypassing immobilisers!

  7. There is currently a hoo-ha here in New Zealand as the Australians are busy repatriating any Kiwi in Oz who breaks the law, regardless of how long they have been there .In some cases most of their lives, having been taken by parents. The Australian mood is, break the law and you get a free flight out. It is a policy more governments should use.As a UK immigrant in NZ, I am well aware I had better behave myself.

  8. These are terms spouted by the tree huggers in an effort to “embrace all cultures”.

    Not quite true:- at least here in the UK, the multiculturalist cretins want to embrace all cultures except our own, which has to be sidelined/suppressed. Well, support for Anglo culture is discriminatory and racist, innit?


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