Winding up the wind — 7 Comments

  1. What Joe Bastardi calls “weaponizing the weather”. Here in the north west of England just opposite the Isle of Man. Its currently a bit blowy with an easterly swinging to south easterly wind holding sway, despite the models showing it it should be a south westerly/westerly courtesy of some Portuguese bird called Emma, as if that is a real Portuguese moniker.
    The snow settled on Tuesday night, three days later than advertised, to a full half inch deep and was all but gone again come Wednesday afternoon.
    Tis cold enough to freeze water so one wanders outside now and again to pour some warm water out for the birdies but it frankly aint that cold in the grand scheme of things.

    Joe has it nailed.

    • It has just started to snow here – not very heavy and not much of a wind.  Our national broadcaster has cancelled all programmes [no loss] and is running a non-stop news service.  It’s mostly just reporters in various parts of the country telling us what they expect to happen sometime in the future, interspersed with such gems as “keep warm”, “don’t drive” and “don’t forget to eat food”.  *sigh*

  2. *taps foot and waits for the inevitable “Coldest cold front since the Viking invasion” Daily Heil headline  and the rebuttal from The Guardian “Coldest Cold Front Since Brexit” *

    Here,only 10 miles inland from the North Norfolk coast, we have a bollock freezing Wind-From-Putin-With-Love but after yesterday’s few centimetres of snow (which was more than enough to ensure nothing has moved in or out of the county since) the snow clouds seem, quite sensibly, to have cocked a dog leg around East Anglia and were last seen heading to towards Ireland via the south coast.


    • The entire country is now under official lockdown.  Actually to be accurate this area is in two separate Code Red areas [double Red?  Wow!].  Looking at my radar gadget it looks to me like dear Emma is heading more for the UK than Ireland.  Bugger!

  3. ” Emma is heading more for the UK”

    Oh great, one more thing the Daily Express can blame on the EU.

  4. We get the same thing down here in Australia, in reverse. All of a sudden the media have started to refer to hot days as “Extreme Heatwaves!!!” Now I live in Sydney and in Jan-Feb it is not at all unusual to get temperatures of 32 to 38C for days on end (and being on the coast we can get humidity of up to 90% as well). You just have to put up with it but now the media bleats on endlessly about the extreme heatwave conditions, when it gets really hot (it was up to 44C this January) they just go into meltdown (pun intended).

    They were even banging on about the temps in Adelaide, South Australia, it is always bloody hot there in summer, most of the state is desert except for a small area along the coast extending inland a bit!, and don’t get me started about the new Bushfire warnings which now have the most serious level as “Catastrophic Fire Warning”!!!! I think that means you should just shoot yourself before the fire reaches your house to spare any further suffering.

    • Same message indeed. Be afraid be very afraid end of life as you know it is imminent…and there is nothing YOU can do about it but government will be there to save you.

      All praise to the one true religion/saviour of the people govern ment aka mind control.

      Weather update.

      Still blowy from the south east as it was yesterday. Storm emma was/is what is known in these parts as normal winter weather.

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