Let’s blame the Portuguese — 7 Comments

  1. Let’s blame the Portuguese

    Why not?  It makes a change from blaming everything from Trump’s election to Granny’s incontinence on Mr Putin’s interference.

    By the way, cats do that. I think it’s a power thing to remind you of your place. Dogs have owners; cats have staff.

    • Cat is now in her basket and refusing to budge for anyone or anything.  Peace around the house at last.

      • That’s good: most cats will ignore their basket if they can nick the dog’s bed. Again, it’s a power trip common amongst our feline overlords.

    • Seeing as it usually only takes a flake or two before all public transport stops, it’s at least a respectable start.  And it is only the start by all accounts.

  2. All this foreign snow coming over here , over powering our already stretched-to-breaking-point public services at least provides 4×4 drivers a temporary respite from the mockery of the rest of the nation.  It’s the one day of the year they get to feel slightly smug.

    • Too true! Except down by the river Dordogne in our micro, micro climate no snow has fallen. I was up in Beaumont du Perigord yesterday when it started to snow but it barely wet the roads, let alone whet my whistle for some tough snow action!

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