Unlucky thirteen — 7 Comments

  1. Hmmm looking at the listing of your peers, I have a  sneaky suspicion that they confused the ‘grandad’ in your head line with ‘grandparenting’ in general….in other words their algorithms could use some work.  Unless you’ve posted a whole heap of ‘how to be a Grandad, find a leprechaun and make money online’ type posts that I have , thankfully, missed.


    • I was going to send a link to this year’s efforts but their website is currently down.

      There is a typo on it – “We are updating out site we will be back soon”.  I presume they mean outside?

      For fucks sake!  Only thirteen words and they get one wrong?  Null points.

  2. You deserve it.

    Is there actually some “normal” form of being a grandparent? Nice medal by the way. You could add it to your Awards and Honors” page if you still had one (you did have one at one time didn’t you?).

    • I moved the “Awards and Honours” to “History”.  It looked a little less braggish.

      I’ll wait and see.  I think they do their awarding once a week so I probably will soon be demoted.

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