Fourth dimension smoke — 10 Comments

  1. Surely under UK law Landlords have duty to exorcise any body, physical or ethereal, caught smoking? Perhaps the pub would be better renamed ‘The Bell, Book and Candle’?

    • I wonder if there is a mention in The Book about smokers?  If there isn’t then smoking must be all right?

      • In the Good Book, God says time and time again he finds the smell of smoke pleasing unto the divine nostrils.

          • Nah, they had to sacrifice a whole stack of bulls then burn bits that The Big Cheese liked. The rest of the creature could be served to the priests and other bits given to the poor and needy.

            And he was pretty good himself at trashing cities. Sodom and another town, Gomorrah kind of pissed Him off on account the population fancied buggering one of his angels.

            A couple took in said angel, offered their delectable daughters for the mob to gang rape (which they refused). Naturally the couple were saved, but told to never look back. The wife did, so he blasted the crap out of her, made her into a pillar of salt he did.

            Then we’re told that whole bit about Sodom and Gomorrah was added during a re-write of the Bible ostensibly because buggery was real big in the early middle ages.

            Certainly the phrase that goes roughly thus “men are for fun, women for serious stuff” wasn’t coined by the Greeks and certain Roman big-wigs for no good reason.

            Keith Vas lives by that motto!

  2. “There is debate over whether fourth hand smoke is the sight of a cigarette or just thinking about smoking ”


    Bah, there’s more than that (And these have all been proposed in all seriousness)…

    smoke exposure resulting from being in the presence of someone who themselves was in the presence of a smoker.[1]
    when a person is forced to listen to someone complaining about how their friend’s clothes smelled of smoke from being at a bar the night before[2]
    the presence in the family home, domicile or dwelling place (this includes motor vehicles some of which retain mobility) of unopened, un-smoked cigarettes contained in a pack, or individual cigarettes bought from less than reputable corner stores that are contained in re-sealable Ziploc bags[3]

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