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  1. Haha great post!

    And there were 7 of us growing up in a 3 bedroom council house when I was a kid, I remember them cheap cornflakes!!

    • We were only 4 kids but we considered  those bloody strangely shiney and far too thick fake cornflakes  a treat…of sorts! Normally we got porridge for breakfast (I can actually recall being jealous of my class mates who got actual real *too expensive* Ready Brek) and if we were lucky some of my mother’s salt free home made bread as toast. No, Mother wasn’t ahead of the nutritional curve…she just kept on forgetting to add salt to the dough…so often infact I took over the bread making…which meant the bread got not only salted but the yeast also got properly activated and the bread leavened. Hmmmm toasted, salt free, glue for breakfast…and Aged Mother wonders why I refer to my childhood as ‘dickensian’….

  2. I first went to Cuba 10 years ago in 2010. When I arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by a Cuban lady who gave us a small Cohiba Siglio II and a bottle of white Havana club. 

    It was my first experience smoking a Cigar, and I thought to myself: wow this kinda smells like, well, as you've said in your blog post. I've been back to Cuba 3 times since then and I always come back with the maximum amount of Cigars. We even visited one of the cigar factories in Guardalavaca and oh boy did it smell great in there. 

    Having experienced more Cigars since then, I have come to really enjoy Nicuraguan cigars now like Padron. But still, nothing smells quite like a cigar from Cuba. Very unique smell and taste. Cohiba are my favourite ones. 

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