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  1. Your blog seems to have developed the ‘ebay’ problem overnight. When I click a link (like to take me to the comments or in the blog lists) I have to refresh the page or ‘open in new tab’ for the link to open. I’m on firefucks and win7 …as if you didn’t know.  I’ve been having the same problem with ebay and a couple of other sites but your’s has been fine up to now. Did you play around with anything last night? Yes I know it’s a browser problem but why should it start playing up now?

    • I didn’t touch nuttin’ Yer Honour.  Honest.  True as God’s me judge.

      I don’t know what’s causing that.  Looks like whatever it is, it’s spreading.

    • I’ve been having similar problems lately, which I actually emailed GD about to ask if he had any idea what the problem was. Not particularly with his site, but lots of sites when I click on a bookmark, the new site shows up in the tab, but nothing happens. I then have to go back to the bookmarks dropdown and click again, at which point I get taken to the page I want. Refreshing the page sometimes works, but not always. Doesn’t always happen, but maybe 50% of the time. It’s really bloody annoying. However, if I open in a new tab, it goes straight to the site. Been happening for maybe a month now. I can’t even blame it on a Firefox update, either, as it hasn’t updated for a while. Same as you, W7 and FF52 (I think).

  2. I believe that’s a problem of some firefox add-ons – go to the addons, switch of one by one and look if the problem is gone. If so, you’ve found the culprit.

    Sometimes it’s enough to stop the add-on and switch it on again.

    • No it seems to be a definite Firefux problem….at least it doesn’t seem to happen when I use chrome…although it’s an ancient copy of chrome so maybe the newer editions….

      Firefux lost it’s reputation for ‘it’s just works!’ a long time back and has gotten as ‘nanny’ as IE ever was. Think i shall have to ditch it for good ..bloody behemoth that it has become.

      • Just loaded up this page in Chrome and all seems to work fine…for the moment. Also the same problem on ebay seems to have vanished.

  3. I’m on FF 52 and have notices some strangenesses since the last update.  A couple of my addons had to be reloaded and one of ’em still doesn’t work as it used [even though it’s supposed to be compatible].  My “status bar” or whatever it’s called has also vanished without trace.  Apart from that everything seems to work all right.

  4. I’m running Firefox 57 beta 3 on Linux Mint 18.2 and all seems to working okay here as far as links go. None of the old style add-ons (built using SDK/XUL whatever) work any longer of course so I’m missing most of my old extensions including CTR (Classic Theme Restorer-abandoned) which gave me back my status bar. It was dropped by the author stating that there’s no way to accomplish the same thing via a “webextension”.

    Anyway, HR is running normally for me–so far.

    Now watch it not let me post this  comment.

  5. I was on a well-known shopping channel website last night and it went all funny on me and the whole site was suddenly written in German, even though it was the English shopping site and had a web address.  Sent shivers down my spine, it really did.  I thought, what the…?  Has drunk Juncker and the mad Merkel taken over, in a stealth-like fashion, without a shot being fired?  Surely not….



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