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  1. Or we should all ensure our houses are built on six foot stilts.  Sorted. We have the same problem on the big Island. As you say. Flux means extremes now and again. Oh bollox. I’m going to have another drink.

    • That’s what I don’t understand.  They say things are warming up so surely all we have to do is adapt?  Invest in air-conditioning units.  Move to higher ground.  Grow grapes and bananas.  And more tobacco.

    • It is.  That’s why I was so surprised at the headline.  A case of statin’ the bleedin’ obvious?

  2. Moving to an Island where it rains 360 days a year sounds like my idea of paradise but then again I live in Norfolk where it rains 400 days a year (it’s Norfolk…any number greater than 10….difficult).

  3. I must pass that notion on to Trump?

    Please, don’t give the bugger any more ideas. Things are crazy enough here as it is.

  4. The picture of a truck going through a puddle used as a suggestion of what the flooding looks like is dated, tada drum roll, “Flooding in Swords, Co Dublin, in October 2013”.

    Four yes four years ago.

    The next picture of a flooded muddied room carries the caption,
    “The dining room at Paul Bradley’s house, built on a flood plain of the Burnfoot river in Co Donegal, August 2017.”

    Built on a flood plain which of course floods. How dim are the Irish Times readership says he just quoting from the Irish Times!

    The third picture is another of the room with someone daft enough to buy a house on a flood plain stood in the mess bearing the caption. “Paul Bradley in the hall of his flooded home, built on a floodplain of the Burnfoot river, in Donegal, August 2017”

    So twice the Irish Times have mentioned the flood plain as being the reason why this house flooded.

    Seems Dr whatever his name and his crew of malingerers has been playing with supercomputers courtesy of the European Union.

    • The Irish Ordnance Survey have an on-line map where you can view current and historic maps of any area in the country.  It’s amazing how many old maps that are plainly marked “liable to flooding”, and when you overlay them with a modern version – there are housing estates!

      It takes the most powerful computers to attempt to predict the weather, and even then they can’t be accurate for more than a few days ahead.  Yet somehow they can predict climate despite there being vastly more variables on a cosmic scale?

  5. Met Eireann couldn’t forecast a bad smell in a shithouse. If you ask me this shittyzen’s assembly is causing more hot air than global warming.

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