Into The Wired OR Back To 2003 — 3 Comments

  1. It’s not all bad! Firstly, your brutal honesty has entertained the readership (I know, I shouldn’t laugh). And, if you hadn’t changed your provider, that “light bulb moment” may not have happened?

  2. Mr Blocked Dwarf you have entertained us, perhaps you would be so good as to enlighten us further.

    Am I correct in assuming that you had previously been connecting to Plusnet through your laptop wifi (ie wirelessly) and through a simple change of connecting via an ethernet cable between your modem and laptop you achieved much better upload/download speed?

    I suspect many people could benefit from this news.

    Allow me to also congratulate you and grandad for breathing life into the Raccoon Arms archive-now if only there was a way to re-assemble the commentors?


    • Yes Cascadian that was exactly what I meant. Turned off the wifi and plugged in a ‘patch cord’  and all congratulations must go to Grandad, my role was limited to some early sourcing of material and the url.

      If you meant ‘re-assemble the commentors’ then Pericles has some of the contact details

      If you meant a racconstitution of all the comments themselves I doubt there is much that can be done although you could ask Grandad. Problem is that a lot of what was saved off was merely a snap shot of the first page.

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