Who are The ATFI? — 10 Comments

  1. Something suss going on GD. Clicking the above ATFI link set the alarm bells ringing on my Norton Security. Dangerous website it says, serious security risk, do not enter. Norton also says the site is in the UK. I tried to see who owns the site and they couldn’t help because of technical difficulties.


  2. They followed me on twitter, too. But they looked dodgy, and I’m hardly anti-tobacco, so I blocked them. Never done that before, but yes, something’s off about these folk.

  3. Diversity: We strive to be inclusive, diverse, representative and gender sensitive.”

    We all strive for all kinds of things, doesn’t mean we attain or achieve them, or even have a snowflake’s chance in hell of achieving them, does it? A careful reader will note that there is no mention of ‘sexual’ preference. Remind me again how many African countries have anti-homosexual legislation on their statute books…..?

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