Yet another new smoking — 8 Comments

  1. So now sitting is the new smoking!

    Nothing new about it unfortunately. From 2014 (the oldest I could quickly find): Work at a desk? Then experts have worrying news… Why sitting down can be as bad for you as smoking

    As several recent studies have discovered, sitting for too long can be as dangerous to health as smoking. It more than doubles your risk of diabetes and is linked with an increase in heart disease. In fact, inactivity is the fourth biggest killer of adults, according to the World Health Organisation. 

  2. “chairs furnished with olive green upholstery with pictures of enormous pustular arses on them.”

    We already have that in Britain.  Although the seats in the House of Commons are green benches rather than individual chairs and the politicians are not pictures.

  3. Dear Grandad

    You missed out salt, as in Consensus Action on Salt and Health, or CASH for short (hmmm, wonder if that is significant?)

    My local Marks and Sparks has various uplifting propaganda on its wall, including:

    <i>”We are removing salt from our foods faster than you can say ‘sodium chloride'”</i>

    I often wonder, as I descend the stairs, whether that is faster than you can say “hyponatraemia”.

    Do you suppose Our Beloved Governments™ are conducting experiments on chronic salt deprivation on their respective livestock?

    Surely not, they couldn’t be that bad? Could they?


  4. PS Editing doesn’t allow one to remove HTML tags or wotever and use the ‘highlight and click’ option in the original comment box like this: example 1 or example 2 etc. Er, that’s example 3 …

    But I guess you know that, being interweb savvy an’ all.

    Just thought I’d mention it. Hope it helps. Um, thanks. DP

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