If it aint broke — 10 Comments

    • That’s exactly what I do.  First the grass, dockleaves and nettles and then I swing it up into the brambles.  Great fun.  It spreads detritus over half the neighbourhood, but I do tend to end up with half a hedge in my hair.

  1. According to the rules (Section 6A, sub-section XXf, para.iv) you haven’t earned the title “the genius that is her husband” until you’ve fixed the hedge cutter too.

    • It’s either a dud battery or a dud charger.  Either would cost nearly as much as a new cutter.  It’s on my shopping list.

      P.S. Fuck the rules! 😈

    • I wear glasses which do the job nicely.  They work well because I have a hell of a job cleaning the lenses afterwards.

  2. Congratulation Grandad ! on owning a ten year old two stroke strimmer, ive never had such luck, motorbikes, chainsaws mowers, theyve all fucked up,  in the early nineties i rode a two stroke

    yamaha to work, my wife rescued me loads of times, all due to the poxy ignition system, i bought a yamaha fourstroke shaft drive bike after several years of misery later on after doubling my wages i gravitated to a car….best thing ever i dont like the first stages of hypothermia… all done through several scottish winters.. never saw anyone else only this daft cunt… ive seen several farmers shaking their heads i disbeleif……

    • I used to have a two-stroke Yamaha myself.  I loved that bike.  The only problem I ever had with it was that I kept crashing it which was a bit painful.  The only complaint I had was that the two-stroke mix was around 8/- a gallon while standard petrol was around 6/-.  Fucking rip-off.  You never see two-stroke pumps in petrol stations these days?

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