Bringing on the Stormtroopers — 7 Comments

  1. Grandad,

    And in between the car adverts are the funeral expense insurance adverts. Is there a connection you think? As for cars, her along the sofa just goes on colour…

    • The alternate ads here are for broadband.  Jayzus but if I see that fucking thing for Virgin broadband again, I’ll swing for Branson!

      And all women see to classify cars by colour. If you ask Herself, she’ll say we have a green one.

  2. Evening Grandad, I have a 2006 polo, my youngest son has a Polo gti, the difference in 10 years is incredible, his gti has what looks like a touchscreen laptop, and plenty of other gadgets, its insanely fast the ride is a bit harsh for a doc like me but they arent aimed at me, Perhaps all new cars look the same because of aerodynamics. My stepson on the other hand has an audi rs4

    a sierra cosworth , a landrover safari, another audi and several motorbikes , he,s a self employed mechanic,  i ride bicycles alot and have eight of them at the last count!

    • Modern cars seem to have a whole load of extra distractions all right.  Most of ’em I can happily do without though.  Why buy a car for the sake of a built in SatNav when my little Garmin does as good a job [even if the fuckin sucker keeps falling off the windscreen]?

  3. Fortunately, I don’t have to put up with those adverts as I gave up TV years ago. Obviously the word got out to the dealers about me boycotting broadcast television so they immediately decided to send me rather large cardboard paper slabs covered with color glossy auto adverts via the mail instead. Damn stuff isn’t even good for starting fires in the wood stove since the color glossy doesn’t burn well.

    So I just sail them over the fence just in case my neighbor might be considering trading up. Awfully nice of me isn’t it?

    • Why don’t you keep the slabs and build an extension onto the house out of them?  Or build a wall between yourself and the neighbours?

      I just hope your neighbours appreciate you….

      • Too many extensions on the house already. Besides, the color scheme wouldn’t match. And the fence (wall) is already there and made of much sterner stuff than cardboard paper.

        And I don’t no about the appreciation factor but them miserable basta… neighbors have certainly taken notice.

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