Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote — 7 Comments

  1. ^^^ This is what we get on the occasion of the retirement (maybe) of our esteemed bluffer leader??

  2. Oi! that was one of my better ‘give Granddad a chance to finally paint the spare bedroom’ posts, totally excrement and porn free, that was!  He never said nothing to me about ‘retiring’.

  3. “My SAD was so bad this winter I had to go back on the 3-bicycle drugs”

    Yet you still found time to help me in my hour of need……

    That is something that will always be appreciated and never be forgotten. I am well aware of what a difficult time you have had the past few months, and have marveled at the fact that of all the people who could have stepped forward – it was you, who had troubles aplenty heaped on your shoulders – but found time to take on some of mine.

    It would have been too, too, easy for me to slip into self pity, but your friendship gave me the courage to stay positive and find something good that I could do with my time.

    Words are not enough to express my gratitude. 


    • I think they may have upped the ketamine dose and not told you.  What I had (and have to a degree still) are purely 1st world problems, mere fat stains on the plate of a fairly comfortable life (a bit more £ , bit more sunshine and things would be about as good as it gets this side of The Rapture). I’ve not had  tumours dissolve my spine, as far as I know my 60 a day are still guaranteeing me immortality, I’ve not had to cope with PTSD inducing trauma and unimaginable pain. Nor have I had to cope with a new found family and all the joys and stress that brings even with a family as well balanced and neurosisless as yours. My biggest worry right now is whether Granddaughter will get the hang of German definite articles (something her Dad, Uncles and “Opa” -that’s me btw- never did).

      NB. one granddaughter calls me ‘Opi’ (cos she’s of Dutch heritage), the other calls me ‘Opa’ …I’m assuming the third-whenever they happen along- will know me as ‘Lifegoeson’.

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