Conserving a religious zeal — 11 Comments

  1. This is like the ‘smokescreen (geddit?) of the green party promoting diesel cars to all and sundry a few years ago. They were the saviour according to the CO2 brigade. Now mainly thanks to Volkswagen fiddling the emissions software they eventually figured out that diesel is emitting soot and other pollutants fucking up the air quality that we actually need to breathe. “We didn’t know” says the muppet leader of the Irish greens. “We were misled” says he.  It’s the same story with this climate change shite, the tail of vested interests wagging the political dog with a fashionable theory and woe betide the perceived heretics!

    • That really should have taught the Greens a lesson.  Never put all your money on one horse as he may turn out to be a lame duck.

      • Diesel fumes have been listed by the WHO as a carcinogen worse than passive smoking since 2012. It was listed as only a ‘probable’ carcinogen in 1998.  All those greenies had it wrong.  So it is with warble gloaming.

        • Well it wouldn’t take much for diesel fumes to be worse than passive smoking, seeing as how you’d have to be exposed to passive smoking on a regular basis for several centuries before it possibly, maybe, might gave you cancer.

  2. It’s a bit depressing, isn’t it, that many of the entities that we chose to support in the past have subsequently changed their focus. And without telling their erstwhile patrons!

    • I suppose ultimately they all become political in the hopes that the politicians wi bung ’em more cash.  I wonder how much gubmint funding An Taisce gets?  Just a thought?

  3. This “Fake News” meme brings to mind that old schoolyard wisdom concerning farts: ” he that smelt it, dealt it”.
    From this bunch of activists claiming only their “facts” are news – anything else is fake, to the BBC’s series about the Rotherham rape gangs which make not one mention of the M word. They are all part of the problem. There is much bleating and denial, and their own “facts”, but seems to me the stench comes from them.

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