Take me to your leader — 5 Comments

  1. Don’t suppose I could persuade you to put yourself forward? Alright, alright … please stop the invective. I was just thinking it’d put an end to the dismal farce.

  2. I thought he was replaced years ago by Merkel but watch another nice little earner awaits him at the EU or UN. That’s how ex politicians get their payoffs.

  3. I know nothing about Irish politics, but they certainly seem to operate the same way as here in the UK.

    A bunch of self-serving fiscally ignorant elites, all feeding at the same trough and pissing in the same pot.

    Just swapping faces and names once every time they want our vote?

    And most them have probably trained at the bar? (I mean the legal profession, not the subsidised bars at their errr “cough” workplace?

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