Revenge is best served wet — 7 Comments

  1. Oooh. I love a good whodunit.

    Is the ‘House for Sale’ sign pertinent, or a red herring? If the former, there should be a property nearby that recently changed hands. If so, can we reasonably assume the rubbish belonged to the previous inhabitant? But who flung it? Was it Him1, clearing out before he left? Or Him2, clearing out Him1’s junk after he moved in? Or Him2’s builder, doing renovations? (Builders are prime suspects for fly tipping.) As for the water meter, beer cans and food wrappers, they too could point to Him2’s builder. Or maybe not. The absence of envelopes has to be significant, but I can’t yet decide how/where it fits in. As for the SIM card holder, I think any amateur sleuth would ring that number on some pretext. Say, conducting a survey. That might determine whether the number belonged to Him1 or Him2 (or even Him2’s builder?), but not conclusively prove who flung junk. Aw, nuts. I give up. I’ll just have to wait for the last chapter to find out whodunnit.

    • Okay….  My Prime Suspect has been trying to sell his house for quite a while now with little success.  Various “For Sale” signs have appeared at different locations over the months, and some have been planted on other people’s properties so theoretically one of them could have done it [very unlikely].  Also the choice of food, newspaper and the like would fit the profile.

  2. Now you’re muddying the waters even more than before: “Various ‘For Sale’ signs have appeared at different locations over the months, and some have been planted on other people’s properties”. That’s not fair! The clues have to be logical and consistent.

    Anyway, if you finally solve the problem, will you please tell us who dunnit? Because I can’t stand the continuing suspense.

    • If the clues were logical and consistent then there would be no need to do any sleuthing.  Dumper [if it is he] lives up the lane out of sight of the road so he has to stick signs on other people’s property to point the way.  Invariably those other people object and the signs get removed.

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