The Citizens’ Assembly — 18 Comments

  1. 99 citizens over several months hearing expert witnesses and scrutinising a few thousand documents, then voting – twelve members of the Order of Druids might as well assemble on the Hill of Tara and listen to harp music and perform some druidic incantations, then urge that the country vote for the Brehon laws and zero VAT on magic. Meanwhile, we have Brexit, patients sleeping on trolleys, the Healy-Raes in Kerry defying the alleged causes of climate change, the intractability of how to to modernise water supply without household charges, and government unwilling to legalise medicinal use of cannabis. I think I’ll plant some parsely in the garden: seems straightforward and I can use it in anything except 99er ice cream cones.

    • Talk about rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic!  Is it any wonder I have zero tolerance or regard for politicians?

  2. ” toy dashboards and steering wheels that clip onto the back of a car seat to give the child in the back the illusion he is driving the car. ”

    I’m too tight to buy 2 yr old Granddaughter any more plastic crap so I just plunk her in the front seat of my car (stationary I hasten to add) and let her get on with it. She loves that. Only problem is she isn’t allowed a cigarette while she does so, I kid you not- that’s law here. So she has to ‘pretend to be ‘Opa’ (Granddad) driving’ with a one of her wooden dowel ‘men’ in her gob.


    • We have the same law.  I am forever telling the 12 year old Granddaughter to stab out her fag before getting into the car.  A right pain in the hole.

  3. Foolish me thought that our elected and publicly stipended politicians were our Citizens’ Assembly!!

    • It’s quite simple really.  We elect politicians to represent us.  They then use a firm to select 99 people at random who then make decisions which are presented to the politicians who then decide what to do with them.  It’s called “deniable responsibility” or “kicking the can down the road”. 

  4. 5.   Making Ireland a Leader in Tackling Climate Change.

    Subtitled: ‘Taking Ireland back to the Middle Ages before the rest of the world gets there’.

    • At least they haven’t included “Making Ireland a World Leader in the Nanny State League”?

      • *MS Paperclip appears* “It looks like you’ve posted a post with the word ‘yet’ missing. Would you like some help with that or advice on how to stop smoking or on getting your 5 day?”



        • Don’t tell me that fucking little poncey paperclip is still doing the rounds?


          • Let’s start a rumour… all party committees and talking shops are the cause of global warming! QED

  5. This sounds suspiciously like it’s run by or backed by dodgy left wing Alinskyite organisations similar to Britain’s ‘Citizens UK’ group who run ‘citizens commissions’ that are stuffed full of middle class Lefties. open borders types, environmental obsessives and Islamic grievance mongers.  For more on Citizens UK see my post here

    • Welcome Fahrenheit211!  [Is that really the boiling point of piss?]  The idea of our little happy band of campers is that they are chosen as a representative group of the population as a whole, and as such were chosen by a polling company.  I wonder which one of them represents smoking, politician hating, libertarian pensioners who live up the mountains?

  6. Oh dear they seem to have come up with a recommendation that will scare the shit out of most of our politicians. 

    • This is where they fall back on the “advisory” stance.  Now we have months ahead of Opus Dei and Iona Institute clogging up the airwaves, begging politicians to see the light and ignore the Assembly.

  7. Abortion is a devise topic. People usually change the subject after I announce I support post birth abortion through at least the 18th year if not 21st, 25th, or 30th if they are not yet out of the house by then. 

    • Abortion definitely should be allowed up to 18 years.  After that age, just change the locks.

      • The upper age limit should be in the 50’s if they show any signs of going into politics.

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