ASH advises investment in Big Tobacco — 2 Comments

  1. Well at least they’re consistent. However those figures should be broken down.

    “Every year, tobacco kills 6 million people— 5.4 million active smokers and 600,000 non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke.”

    This from an awfully reliable source, Public Health Minister George Norton of a little known country that used to be called British Guiana and is now called Guyana (land of many waters (or swamp to you and I)).

    Bill to ban public smoking, cigarette ads for parliament after experts weigh in – Norton

  2. “BAT alone made a profit of £5.2 billion in 2016 from their global market share of about 11%.”
    A profit of £5.2 billion worldwide is peanuts! That’s nowhere near half the unearned profit a single country such as the UK makes from tobacco taxes. 

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