Anna Raccoon and the Crystal Palace — 18 Comments

  1. A nice solar room extension overlooking a river with a nearby railway bridge. Good work. Money well spent. 

  2. Glad to hear Anna’s still with us. Her site’s gone – has all her good work gone with it? I hope not.

  3. It’s beautiful, wish I could borrow him! My house would keep him busy for a year. You are very lucky Anna to have such a wonderful husband.

    • Indeed she does. I find myself respecting him more every time I see them. Many other men, loving husbands of a dying wife, would be spending every night with a bottle of scotch, just to be able to function the next day.  G goes out in a Norfolk winter to lay breeze blocks (and he isn’t, as far as I know,  a bricky by trade). 

  4. I was glad in a way that my husband died before I got ill, he wasn’t good with illness and I don’t think he could have coped. Thankfully I am ok, so far, but you never know with cancer. I have a friend in the same position as Anna, her husband of 54 years is wonderful too, there are good men out there.

    • Has no one noticed the deliberate ‘only Allah is perfect’ mistake yet? Mr G is ever so peed off with himself……it can be put right, but he hates the fact that everyone say ‘er, um, is that supposed……’


      I’ll send you some more pics when the thatcher has been – we have rather a special thatcher….here’s a link to a newspaper article about him. To his credit, I originally rang him from a French hospital on a mobile, asked for a quote, he gave me one, and said he could start in a month (this was for the main roof) and when I asked how much to send as a deposit he cheerfully replied, ‘acht no, if ye dinna like it, I’ll just put a match to it…….’ They don’t make them like that any more. When G phoned him and told him what had happened to me, he only asked how quick G could ge the building work finished, and said ‘I”ll be there’.

  5. That’s a fabulous hutch/nest/kennel/stable for a Raccoon!  Mr. G is  a never-ending wondrous fellow – I thought his spick & span tool room was not much used, as it’s spotless, but now I understand that it’s lovingly looked-after and used very well.

    I was in Stalham recently, admiring the beautiful surroundings & the Broads – assuming you’re near there, you live in a splendid area of the country.

    Best, Ed P

  6. The Raccoon is planning on running against that Dustybin guy from Labour in North Islingstan. She needs crowdfunding to make up the £500 deposit

    you can read about it here on her new twitter feed :

    or on her new blog:

    (sorry for the spam GD, but i’m counting on people being subscribed to either of the 2 recent AR threads)

  7. I don’t think that, if I stared at those pictures till the cows came home, I’d find the ‘Allah’ mistake.  I’m just in awe of Mr. G.’s consummate ability as both builder and husband.  A lui:  bravissimo, Signore!

    Thanks, as ay, to T.B.D. for the post — I’ve now subscribed to Grandpa’s site so hope to receive notification of future contributions — and for the link to the interview of the 18th.

    In Re R. (Raccoon) v. Litigants and In Re the perilous finances of the N.H.S.:  the problem arises not so much from the ‘compensation culture’ as from the contingent fee, made lawful in England in 2004, as I recall.  Difficult question:  before then only the well heeled could afford to sue;  thereafter it’s become something of speculator’s gamble, the edge being the relatively high likelihood that the N.H.S. defendant will settle out of court to avoid an even worse outcome.  I cannot help thinking that, although ‘we all make mistakes’ and a generous view of honest mistakes ennobles us all, there are instances — e.g. the Ubani case in 2008 — in which recourse to the law must be available.

    (The Ubani case raises matters of more general application than those in a single medical-malpractice case:  this was a ‘doctor’ of barely imaginable incompetence.  Never mind practising medicine:  he ought never to have been allowed to change a plug!  Thanks to rules prevailing throughout the Fourth Reich he was able to practise throughout the Reich.[1])



  8. An urgent appeal to whoever registered [and presumably set up the site], or if anyone knows who that person is.

    Could you please get get in touch with either myself or Anna Raccoon?

    You won’t regret it!


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