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  1. Glad to hear she’s still with us – and hopefully so is she! From a fairly impartial observer’s point of view, I think I’d had elected to pass away peacefully in my own bed rather than being wheeled off to a hell hole. I know if it was my wife, she’d simply have told them to “f*** off and let me go in my own home!”. She’d have then stood me on guard with a shotgun to make sure they didn’t get in the door. My daughter did a stint in a hospice when she was doing her radiotherapy degree. They’re not all like PBL than God! But if it’s that bad, I’d personally say bollocks to it! Enough is enough. I hope the Dwarf will pass on my best wishes to her. She might be female but she’s still got more balls than me…

    • I will indeed pass on all good wishes as ever but the chances are good she’ll read here at some point herself, even if she  won’t , perhaps, have the strength to reply to everyone individually.

  2. Grandad, seems my auto-spell check turned ‘colitas’ into ‘colitis’ …..which is apt I suppose….wish I’d thought of the pun, it’s rather clever.

    • Or maybe it was my spell check which has a very weird sense of humour?  The only positive thing about it is that it corrects “American English” into proper English.

      Do you want it changed? 😉

      • Nah, it actually makes more sense (yeah I know…a BD post that makes any kind of ‘sense’?!) that way.

  3. The one essential missing information is – has she retained her sense of humour? Even during past horrendous dramas she has recited them to me with such humour and wit that I’ve become helpless with laughter. Anyone retaining the ability to laugh at the ludicrousness of it all deserves to live forever, if only in order to keep entertaining her friends! Jxx

    • JK, you are absolutely right of course- a most egregious oversight on my part and my only defence is that I had planned to describe her mental state more fully in my next post. For the moment I will simply answer ‘yes’ & that even at her lowest in the PBL (and she did get bloody low) she could still enjoy the ludicrousness of her situation.

  4. Good, so glad the good Lady R is still kicking about.
    Kindest wishes to you Anna and respectful greetings to Sir G.

    Thankyou for the update D.

  5. Thanks so much for letting us know, TBD. I was worried when I saw she’d exited Twitter, as I’d been hoping she’d have a bit more time in the beautiful space G created for her. Please pass on my very best regards.

  6. Thank you for the update Dwarf. The title gave me the wrong idea – I read the post with held breathe in a state of anxiety. Please hand over some love and admiration to the Racoon – from me.

    • Sorry! It was not my intent to worry anyone. Perhaps Granddad can add a ‘(No,she’s not dead)’ to the bottom of the title?

      • I could but there wouldn’t be much point – a change now wouldn’t affect tweets or feedreaders which is presumably how people are arriving at the moment?

        • You’re probably right. I was just a little shocked to find that I might have unintentionally caused anyone any vexation. I might have also thought to add- for the none native English speakers out there-that ‘didn’t Check out’ meant she ain’t dead yet.

  7. Dear The Blocked Dwarf

    Thank you for the update. Please pass on my best wishes to Mme La Raccoon and the enduring Mr G.

    May they have many happy hours watching the marsh harriers and swans through the summer.


  8. Thank you for all your good wishes – and yes, I have successfully swerved the hospice – bloody ghastly place, dedicated to helping you exit swiftly and without any messy complication for your relatives. Might suit some people, but not me nor Mr G. I am full of admiration for Mr G who has made the difficult transition from having a wife who was independent and active, to one that requires a bloody hoist for the most personal of tasks – he has been fantastic, and I don’t just mean the actual building work, but the compassion and care he has given me. I am ignoring everything that is going on on line – have just lost interest in it all except for purely idle curiosity from time to time. It is good to see some old friends here, and I salute you all. Especially blocked dwarf who has proved to be that rarest of items – a true and genuine friend, thorugh thick and thin, for no other reason, than that he is a decent human being.  

  9. I’m a late visitor to the racoon arms but I admire the lady greatly and have shared her missives around quite a bit. Please pass on my best wishes.

  10. Thanks so much for the update and to Grandad for posting it; it really is welcome to see that they’re both still together and I wish them all the best.

  11. OMG, the title nearly convinced me of the worst but……………..thank God she is now bearing up.  Best wishes from the Dark Fen.

    • Yes I should really have given the title a bit more thought 🙁


      However I promise now, “high and holy” as the Bestes Frau In The World’s people say, that if I am the one to break the news of her death online then it will be a simple “Anna Raccoon is dead” (cos the simplicity of that ties in with her beliefs).

  12. Thanks for the update, TBD – ´twas an entertaining read despite the subject matter.And I’m pleased to hear that Anna is back where she belongs: at home, with Mr G, far away from the frightfully-named Bacon Lodge, and hopefully enjoying the views each day. 

  13. And here we are – Thursday – and I’m still bloody well here, and not just here, but enjoying life. It is strange how the brain has an ability to shut out all the things you can’t do and just leaves you with space to enjoy those things you can do – like the fact that Egrets have arrived from Northern Africa today, and a baby heron is wobbling on the groyne trying to work out how to fish, and the holiday makers are twice as many as last year – obviously a lot of people have decided that this year is a good year to appreciate the beauty that England had to offer rather than foreign climes. I turn on the news occasionally and am convinced the world has gone mad, children tweeting picture of their penises to each other, men having wombs transplanted into thier bellies now demanding the right to have children – and a madman in North Korea who can’t feed his own population but wants to blow up someone else’s and I think ‘quick turn it off, lets look at the Egrets instead’ – its the only sane response! Spent part of the after noon trying to read Grandad’s post on the fly to one who also seems to be determined to live on my arm rather than the other 400 sq metres of space Mr G has provided it for him. Guess he’s lonely. Poor fly. I should be more sympathetic. Maybe he’s escaped from Grenfell Towers and just needs counselling.

    • The only thing to do these days – to stay sane, at least – is to cut off from the world at large and enjoy the bounties of nature.  I have a semi-tame blackbird who comes to visit every now and then, and a load of wrens one of which keeps flying in and out of the room.  I wouldn’t mind an Egret or two though…

      So that’s where my fly went?  I did wonder.

    • Anna, I remember the subject of the egret popped up on your site previously, that odd creature (whose name I then knew not) that always appear lost by the side of the road here. (‘Here’ being closer to North Africa than Norfolk.)

      The other day I was strolling home & I spotted one, behavingly strangely by a stone-wall; its head was bouncing up and down on its flimsy looking neck, so much so that I thought it was trying to cough up something lodged in its throat. I paused to observe, and it suddenly shot its beak forward into a crack between the stones and extracted a lizard – a poor gecko by the look of its quivering feet that twitched for a good few seconds ’til the hunter flicked its head upwards & swallowed it whole.

      And there was I thinking their internal GPS had been knocked out of whack or summat, separated from the flock, wandering aimlessly, always by the roadside… when all along they were searching for another delicious meal!

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