Missing appointments — 11 Comments

  1. ♫  If you look in your spam today you may find a txt fiiiiilllleee ♫ (to be sung in an effeminate voice to the tune of ‘If You Go Down To The Woods Today’-the proper John Inman version of course.

    • When I click on the little note it doesn’t play anything.  Feckin’ computers…………..

      • OK I’ll send it in gmail and you can strip out the crap at your leisure.

  2. I am to phone and confirm said appointments.  They can wait

    And they will sell your phone number on to every spammer who will pay good money for any working number of someone who ‘responses’ (even if your ‘response’ was “FECK OFF YER EEEJITS!”) to marketing material.

    • Don’t worry – judging by the cold calls, they already have my number.  Had to put a block on it in the end as I was pissed off at the offers to fix my fucking windows!

  3. What has been getting up my nose recently (me being rather paranoid about websites that mine my computer for personal info) is when I click to view a site that looks as if it might be a bit interesting and get a whiney little banner up telling me “We notice you are using an ad blocker, this site depends on advertising revenue for its survival so if you want to see out content switch of your blocker, you evil, content – thieving bastard.”

    Now I have no objection to people putting static ads on their site, things that say “Buy Wombat’s Wonderful Widgets because they’re really good,” in fact there’s even a slim chance I might occasionally click one one. But I don’t think stealing personal information from my computer is acceptable.

    So what I’d rather see is a notice that says something like: “Cookie Policy – We don’t use cookies, we don’t track you, we never gather users personal data. Please let us show you ads.” And if a quick look at the site confirms that, then OK. Advertising should not be intrusive and ads such not run such massive data mining scripts they almost stop a mid range computer in its tracks.

  4. Some years ago we had appointments made for us to attend a biobank for blood tests and so on. We just didn’t attend. Best thing, really. Ignore it.

    • I have no intention of doing anything about either “appointment”.  If they want to waste their time and money, that’s their affair, but I’m not going to waste any of mine.

      • From what you say, your time could be very limited.  Best not to waste any of it on pointless tests.  Of course, if you stick to the pipe and whiskey, you might live to a good old age – and actually get to enjoy some of it.  Sláinte


  5. Morning grandad, I bought a chinese hearing aid on ebay, and theres nothing wrong with it quite a sophisticated bit of kit, it was about £50, i suspect that in ireland and the uk hearing aids are overpriced, my fucking smartphone does everything bar make a cup of tea and it was cheaper than an hearing aid!

    • Why buy a Rolls Royce when you just need a car?  I never trust these special offers through the post anyway.  If I thought I needed aid with my hearing I would find a company myself to do the tests.

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