In which I discover what a Speciesist is — 12 Comments

  1. Was Little Miss Muffet a determined Speciesist? Let’s look at the evidence:-

    Little Miss Muffet 

    Sat on a tuffet, 

    Eating her curds and whey; 

    Along came a spider, 

    Who sat down beside her, 

    So she bashed its brains with a soup ladle.


  2. Lol I’m not sure if these people are actually nuts or just very enthusiastic!

  3. Hang on a mo’. To be fair, it was the assembled photographers at the White House who first called out for a handshake. Merkel merely asked “Shall we?”. If Trump didn’t hear her, he must’ve heard the photographers’ chorus (unless he didn’t have his hearing aid in?).

  4. The funniest thing about the video was the fact that all the Trump haters didn’t have a fucking clue why they didn’t like him; but all their right on peers hate him, so that was good enough. And as for the ‘communist’ girl who didn’t vote because she doesn’t do politics…

    Words fail me. There’s a whole generation of political ignoramuses out there who claim the right to shape the future. Scary.

  5. And just remember folks – the future of humanity rests upon their shoulders.



  6. What awful drones our politicized education systems have bred!  As you say, these cretins will be running things in the future – God help us all.

    On a slightly different theme, I’ve found a new way to upset Veggies, especially Vegans.  Tell ’em the tomato plant is carnivorous – it has evolved to gain nutrition from insects, which it traps in the hairs on its stem.  The dead insects then drop to the ground and are eventually absorbed by its roots. Ho ho ho!

  7. Our Manchurian President does not have a dog due to the simple fact that dogs are excellent judges of human character; no dog would have him.

    I’m jes’ sayin…

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