Out for blood — 4 Comments

  1. I’d suggest you pooch is a mongrel. Certainly that’s what my folks described their dogs and checking on the big G, it does seem appropriate.*

    And your dog is NOT infecting you. Quite the opposite in fact. What the dog is doing is disinfecting the wound.*

    So next time, you jolly well let her clean it out – then thank her with true sincerity. 

    • Dogs fall into oe of two breeds – pedigree or mongrel.  Penny is definitely the latter.  I’m not that pushed about pedigrees, as they tend to be inbred and are sold mainly or their snob value.  Mongrels are healthier and tend to have a much better temperament.

      I have no problems with the dog licking a scratch or cut, but Herself constantly reminds me that she has just been licking her hole [the dog’s not Herself’s].

  2. She could be an Anatolian shepherd dog. We have one and she fits your description.

    • Welcome Charlie.  I quite honestly don’t think she fits my description at all.  There may be a slight resemblance to Penny in that they have the same number off legs as well as a front and a back.

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