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  1. ” I’m beyond caring at this stage. ”

    Welcome to my SAD world. Things got so bad this lunchtime I had to take diazepam, listen to half an hour of ‘Casino Royale’ (the original, bien sûr )on mp3 and have a midday sleep cos not only have I SAD and The Cold From Hell AGAIN but I is old. Fortunately  a dose of Flemming, Morpheus and benzodiazepine worked it’s magic. Should see me through til my  bedtime Amytripyline anyways (sometimes I do wonder if NOT giving up the booze would have been easier).

    • I’m not too worried about SAD once February is done and dusted.  The evenings are a lot brighter and nice things are happening outside [the birds are very much in a Spring mode].

      After I posted, I tried several more times to get the plumber and actually got through to him, thereby ending a quest of several weeks.  He must read my brainfarts? 

      Ah, good old Amytripyline!  Apparently it’s in very short supply here.  The company that makes the stuff is having problems or something.  I’d say that’s doing great things for people’s anxiety?

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