Do not use the lifeboat — 8 Comments

  1. Speechless – again.

    Health Warning: Do not start to research anything to do with tobacco control which also has managed to get vaping under it’s worldwide control by defining the combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavours, (in some cases) nicotine and pieces of plastic, metal, cotton balls and rechargable batteries as a “tobacco product”. If you do not heed this warning and start to research in this area of “expertise” be thoroughly warned: You will experience a continuing boggling of the mind, no matter where in the world you live and at which country you look for your research. You will also become one of those citizens (no matter of which country) who will be continuously and thoroughly pissed off by the hipocrisy and corruption in this field of “expertise”.

    • Fabulous. That definition of vaping equipment could do with being spread across the world to enable as many people as possible to realise that they can safely dismiss any information put forward regarding vaping which refers to it as a tobacco product.

  2. “Keep out of sight of children and animals”


    Do they really believe that just the mere sight of a bottle of e-liquid will have Mr Floppy-Doppy-Ears on 40 a day?!  Benson on the Benson & Hedges? I’ve heard of a smoking pussy but not usually in that context.


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