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  1. The heart shape we see everywhere today is not like the organ either.  I think it resembles a woman’s bottom* when seen from a suitable angle, but maybe that’s just my dirty mind.

    Identifying the heart as the “location of emotion” goes back to ancient times, when little was known about the innards.  But actually the brain does sometimes map strong emotional feelings into the chest.


    * not applicable to Diane Abbott or similar-shaped females.

    • And the heart shape has fallen foul of the Twitter generation – <3  For fucks sake!  That is “less than three” not a fucking heart.

  2. “A bloke saying “I love you with all my penis” doesn’t sound quite right,….”  would that constitute a pubic display of affection?


    Btw, the only way I can get the page to load properly complete with right hand sidebar stuff is to use a proxy but then my comments don’t always post.  🙁

    • would that constitute a pubic display of affection?”  It would indeed, and the law would have you by the short and curlies.

  3. Broads have it sussed. They say they love their man because of his sense of humor. Between themselves they do admit that if the git doesn’t come up with the paycheck then he can sod-off! Unless they resemble a masticated truck, with a body to match… then they’re stuck. For better or worse!

    Can’t agree on the heart shape. They look like a pair of balls – like this here little chair (aka stool).

    • That is a nice wee chair.  Wouldn’t mind one of them and Herself couldn’t grab it [without some pointed comments from me].

      How about a “heart shaped” door knocker?

  4. That’s what I like about you GD – you call a spade, a spade, and a penis, a penis. No mincing words. 

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