I exist because I say I exist — 12 Comments

  1. Obviously only a Russian agent would spend time refuting this bat-shit craziness, so QED!

    I suspect “Supershadow” is a 13-year old boy, stuck in his bedroom typing one-handed.

    Funny though, Da?

  2. Can you help this oddball out and send him some new marbles to replace the ones he’s obviously lost?  Ditto a new plot for the same reason.  The new plot might be easier to send through the ether 😉  It’s probably the death of his pin-up R2D2 that’s sent him over the edge.  And you were worried about losing your mojo….! 😀

  3. Where does one begin?

    Grandad and I had coffee in Co Wicklow before Christmas and I must admit that saw no sign of him being a Russian (though I must admit that my experience of Russians is very limited). How does one prove one is not Russian? Drink vodka without throwing the glass on the fire? Hear the theme tune of Dr Zhivago and not recognize the music? Be unaware of the lyrics of “If I were a rich man?”

  4. Well, as always my tiny jaw is well and truly dropped.  So that’s it for this month Comrade… *Dumping a sack of roubles on your desk before jetting back to Yasenevo*

    PS: No!  I’m Bruticus!

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