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  1. Hi GD,

    Totally agree ! 

    If you look at a top 20 list from virtually any week in the 1960s you can practically guarantee that you will recognise and remember most of the songs listed . In most cases anything from 50-90% will be what i would describe as ‘classics’ will remember the tune and most if not all of the lyrics .

    ‘They just don’t make them like that anymore’

    My taste in music includes some classical ,folk ,music hall and traditional jazz but for ‘pop’ it has to be from 1940s to 70s .

    • Classical, folk, rock and traditional [usually Irish traditional, but only because I used to play it].  Punk rock was the beginning of the end for me.

      I was down in the village earlier having a coffee.  There was a car parked somewhere with “music” blaring but all I could hear was a rhythmic thump-thump-thump.  Every now and then it would stop and start and I thought it was someone repeating the same track, until it suddenly changed to a thump-bump-thump-bump-thump-bump.  It then went back to the thump-thump-thump again.  All exactly the same rhythm and beat.  Horrible and monotonous, which just about sums up modern musical efforts.

  2. Thanks GD,

    I plugged in the Postal Code you so kindly provided and it worked!! Now I’ll be watching over my shoulder for the Intraweb police. Wonder how long before they realize I’m in Canada.

    • If the Mounties come a calling, just tell them you are in fact in BBC Broadcasting House, Belfast, Norn Iron.

  3. I recognised the postcode instantly – the station will be baffled at having so many BBC listeners!

  4. aw man, love the Mamas and the Papas, cool fact Denny Doherty was from my home town, later in life was the host of a kids show called Theodore Tugboat (episodes on you tube now) featuring a mock up of the Halifax Harbour. He had a voice like velvet. Auto tune has killed any desire for me to listen to the radio.

  5. The Mommas and the Pappas were good clean wholesome family entertainment. You could even hear the clearly articulated lyrics. I still enjoy listening to the Beachboys if somebody on RTE Radio 1 has the good taste to spin one of their songs. Old jazz and blues numbers are still worth revisiting. Hey, did you know that several JSBach tunes have been improvised creatively over the decades by jazz musicians? Beethoven too has been top of the pops. Bring it on Daddy-o!

  6. There was a funny little programme on the ‘Yesterday’ TV station the other night, they had old 1960s BW film of various folk artists – Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley, Peter Paul and Mary and others. I knew every word and every note of all the stuff they showed. Quite scary!

    • That is the scary bit – within two or three bars into the tune I can sing along with it, and sometimes even from the first note.  I just wish my memory was so good in some other areas.

  7. Isn’t ‘music from the past’ supposed to be one of the things that helps dementia sufferers to get a handle on life again? (No aspersion there: I’m in the same age range as you.)

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