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  1. you should give us a pic of the new style, we could use a new leading man to fawn over lol


    oh and belated happy what ever the fuck you celebrate or not from me and him across the big pond


    • Are you joking?  I haven’t even seen it myself.  Every time I move my head to look, it somehow moves as well.

      Oh and many happy returns!

  2. I hated short back and sides. By the time I was old enough to eschew the barbers, it was the seventies and longer hair had been in vogue for some while. I have never had my hair short since then apart from a brief foray in the naval reserve. I didn’t like the haircuts…

    Mostly, it is around shoulder length. Sometimes a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter, but never, never short back and sides.

  3. I went every Saturday. I could not understand it. Money was tight in our family. Years later when I could decide for myself, I could just not break the habit.

    Happy new year.

    John Gibson


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