Garbage in, garbage out — 10 Comments

  1. 4k euro/year!! Smokers royally screwed over both by the state and Big Tobacco (because what’s in cigarettes nowadays is more chemical junk than actual tobacco)

    But there is some schadenfreude when thinking that these anti-smoking neurotics who ‘save’ the 4k must be spending a pretty penny on the junk peddled by Big Pharma (antidepressants and so on) or faddist ‘health food’.

    • The two best areas to invest all your cash – Pharmaceuticals and Tobacco.  Guaranteed a great return.

  2. “Campaigners claim”. In other words they made it up. No evidence of causation. Just statistics massaged to suit their puritan killjoy high taxing agenda.

    • I would love to know where that 600,000 dying from second hand smoke comes from!  “Let’s just make up a number that sounds dramatic!”

  3. Dr Patrick Doorley, chairman of ASH Ireland, said: “The new year is a good time for people to consider quitting smoking and I encourage them to do so.

    I say the new year is a good time for this ‘doctor’ to consider fucking right off and taking his nose out of people’s business and I encourage him to do so – as far as possible.

  4. “puritan killjoy”. That’s it in a nutshell. Anything that people actually enjoy has to be demonised: cigarettes and alcohol top of the list. Things that the body actually needs (in reasonable quantity): salt and fats. The ‘little of what you fancy’, such as sugar. And if the health police wean us off those, what next? (Believe me, there will be something else they object to!)

  5. Serious question – why the billions spent on discouraging smoking if it’s not bad. I’ve only just discovered in the last month the backlash against the scientific “evidence” put forward by the no smoking lobby. I’m fascinated. 

    One theory I have is Big Oil + Big Pharma + Auto Industry are bigger and more powerful than Big Tobacco. 

    Any thoughts? 


    Any ideas how to make the resistance movement louder? I’m particularly interested in the concept that millions are dying because proper research into cancer has been put behind politically motivated mumbo jumbo by Big Pharma demonising smoking.

    • Welcome to the Bright Side, DanDan!

      The Anti-Smoker is driven by two factors – money, and to a minor extent by religious zeal. 

      Big Pharma makes billions out of their NRT products.  It pays them handsomely to promote “the dangers of smoking” as it pushes people towards their products.  This also explains why there is a completely illogical move against e-cigarettes – the latter are eating heavily into their NRT profits.  A lot of the Anti-Smoker groups and “research” is funded by Big Pharma for obvious reasons.

      Governments are happy to go along with all this as they can rake in extra taxes under the guise of “health” which is why we are now seeing a move towards alcohol and sugar/fat.

      As for shouting louder, I think there is a growing awareness amongst the population that the Anti-Smoker groups are dishing out garbage in the name of science.  Their biggest mistake was to attack e-cigarettes as their proclamations were obviously blatant nonsense – kids taking up smoking after trying an e-cigarette, cigarettes exploding and e-cigarettes being more dangerous than normal cigarettes?  The millions who have switched to vaping are now well aware of the lies and are putting two and two together.


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