A letter to Virginia — 13 Comments

  1. You mean Santa’s not real???  Where do politician’s jobs, expenses, pensions come from so?

  2. Every Irish child should be encouraged to believe in the fairies. That way they’ll respect fairy fort raths, and place dislodged fairy teeth neatly under pillows for collection and recycling. They should be firmly told never to expect to see or hear the fairies. I always explain to kids that fairies are gene-programmed to dance and sing and sparkle in fairy forts, woods and beside riverbanks only when nobody is around to watch and hear them. May you enjoy a cosy post-Christmas holiday until the new year, slyly watched from behind by flickering fairies. I pose a metaphysical question however: what are the essential differences between angels and fairies, and which species would you do without if you found yourself floating along a river creek in a canoe without a paddle?

    • A metaphysical answer:

      As God is the grownups’ version of Santa, so angels are the grownups’ version of fairies.  Should I find myself in the stated predicament I would far prefer the fairies to come to my aid.  Apart from being more at home in rivers, streams and woodland, I trust fairies more than I trust angels.  I’m not that fond of harp music either.

      • PROFUNDITY. You missed out on being a metaphysician and a poet, Grandad, but shur,  you decided sensibly to be  a Grandad instead.

  3. They lack imagination and they are devoid of creative thought. All they are capable of is turgid brain farts aimed at dragging everyone else down to their grey, joyless level of mediocrity, or preferably, below.

    Of course, what the morons don’t realise is that Father Christmas IS real to kids. And long may he continue to be so, bringing a little magic into the lives of those kids.

    Christ, there are some miserable gits out there.

    • I am just amazed at how low they can sink.  They really do want a grey joyless world devoid of any kind of happiness even for their precious cheeeldren.

      Utter cunts.

  4. If god did not exist it would be necessary to invent him … So we did.

    Every time I go unto a Catholic church I cringe at the opulence

    • Haven’t been in a Catholic church in a very long time!  I have always noticed though that the parochial houses are amongst the best in the neighbourhood. 

  5. Maybe they’re all what in Harry Potter’s world are the dementors? Sucking out every single happy thought and leaving only utter misery …

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