On being generous — 10 Comments

  1. A large can of petrol and a match should sort them brambles, at least for a few months, and keep you warm whilst you tend to the rest! Ah go on, go on, just for the craic 🙂

    • A tanker load of petrol might do it all right.  If the council object I’ll claim immunity from their petty laws one the grounds of religion.

  2. Ah the Winter Solstice!  My third favorite day of the year.  The first being the day I take my hardtop off and turn my car back into a convertible.  This usually happens sometime in May.  My second favorite day is my birthday.  Though it beckons the end of summer I always make it a fun day.

    • I would possibly rate today at the top.  I’m not that bothered about birthdays –  had too many of them at this stage.  Another favourite is the first day when it’s warm enough to sit outside.

  3. Good Yule, Grandad.

    Suffering from depression, today is the second best day of the year for me – the best being the day I go on my annual holidays.

  4. I’ve been to see my doc of late and she says I not only suffer from Tinnitus, Dementia, Athlete’s Foot, Forgetfulness, Blindness, and Old Age but also from Deafness, Confusion, Toenail Fungus, Hair Loss, the galloping collywobbles and the twittering jitters. I left at that point before she could come up with anything else.

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