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    • Minimalism?  It’s like minimalising a room by taking out all the furniture. 

      I can just imagine the scenario in the boardroom –

      “Here’s your new web design”

      “But I can’t read it!”

      “But it’s fashionable”

      “I still can’t read it.  It’s all white and grey!”

      “That will show the world how trendy and minimalist your site is”

      “But I still can’t read it!”

      “Look – you want a modern arty farty design and that’s what you have.  It’s all the rage.”

      “But I still can’t ….  oh fuckit! I give up”


      • Hey.. I’m not defending it, just trying to explain it 😀

        But yes. The reasoning behind it is bollocks.

        • I know you’re not!  And there really is no rational explanation apart from following a “trend”.

  1. Sorry but its everywhere pub menus,magazines,its the fashion to quote a phrase I read somewhere.The bastards should be bled white and printed on white card.

    • Dead right it does!  They would only scream that I was being abusive or trespassing on their privacy or some such nonsense.  They can stay in their “safe rooms” out of harms way.

      Or do you mean the precipitation type of snowflake?

  2. If your site works, don’t try to fix it. Leave well alone: the blog universe doesn’t need you to change anything.

    • Er, I did say I was just messing on my laptop?  [the live site shall remain untouched].

      I am a tiny bit concerned that the current theme may have some little problems in the future so am just poking around my options.  I like poking my options.

  3. I too have noted the irritation of website bloat, huge images you have to scroll past, poor text contrast and irritating “floating menus” that follow your scrolling. My own site (a quiet, out-of-the-way affair hosted on FreeDNS) is plain HTML with black text. How’s THAT for the 2016 “minimalist” approach. Heck, it’ll load quickly even on dial-up!

    You may appreciate reading this article:

    • That article is spot on.

      This site – 334.2Kb [apparently faster than 96% of other sites, at 600ms to load]

      A site I look after for a friend – 50.2Mb [apparently faster than 6% of other sites, and 25s to load].

      I like to keep this place lean and mean!

      • Your comment made me grit my teeth and head off to check mine–383.4kb and I got a fine score for everything else as well except the fact that I don’t have an SSL certificate. Phooey, why would I want one? Am I Amazon?

  4. Hmmm, according to the “source”, Twenty Seventeen “…sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase”….or…”Twenty Seventeen focuses on business sites…”  depending on which blog post you read. So a great image and somewhat hidden and virtually unreadable text is what goes for businesses these days?

    Somehow I believe it. Kind of reflects what passes for new businesses these days. Crowd funded startups that are here today/gone today?

  5. You need to remember that if it wasn’t for changing things that don’t changing just for the sake of it then useless cunts would be on the dole instead of pissing us oldies off…

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