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  1. Keyboard bloops can also be a result of Freudian slips. In the days of refined upper-class manners, a gentleman would have said: ‘Pardon madam, your Freud is showing.’

    • Freud would have a field day with my keyboard.  [It just typed “fielday” for some reason].  It’s driving my spell check – and me – insane!

  2. So when will you stop saying “that” when you really mean “something else”? Sorry. but my middle English upbringing and later proof-reading self often has trouble translating your missives into understandable text. By now, I’m getting better at it. They are wonderful, so I keep coming back.

    But then I often remember the old saying “a bad workman always blames his tools”. I was always taught to re-read any message before sending. Modern computers seem to have their own wilful minds about any input, so perhaps even more vigilance is needed. Blaming the keyboard can often be true if the mistake is frequent and consistent. After all, it is “your thoughts” that really matter. Thanks GD, and have a very happy Christmas and an even more successful New Year. Doing anything worth note?

    • *confused*  Should I have typed “I did mention something else scribbling”?

      It’s definitely the keyboard, as I have slowed down my scribbling efforts to a point where I consciously press each key, but it still comes up with errors.  I am reaching the point where I have to check the screen after each letter.  Very slow and tedious [very “sow and tedious”? I rest my case].  And believe me – I re read everything several times but the damned error hide themselves until after I have hit the Publish [Pubish?] button.

      I confess to being a bit of a “grammar Nazi” myself and there is nothing more irritating than the old “their, they’re, there” type of error, but I try to be charitable and say nothing.    However, you must realise that I am “middle Irish” and therefore speak a slightly different language when it comes to colloquialisms.  I type as I speak rather than as I write [if you can follow that?] hence the proliferation of certain words when I get annoyed at something [with something?].  Wait until I start using “done” and “seen” instead of “did” and “saw”! 

      And a very Happy Christmas to you too.  My plans for the next year are the same as my plan for this year – to survive.  So far I have been quite successful in that endeavour.

  3. Turn keyboard upside down and shake. Whatever comes out should be placed in a bowl and served to guests as Bombay Mix.

    Failing that, maybe a new keyboard beckons?

    • The simplest answer is to use a USB keyboard.  However I happen to like this one as it’s quiet and has a nice movement [when it works] and a separate keyboard just means ore clutter around the place.  I may go with a new keyboard eventually as the letters are wearing off this one and apart from my little problems, it’s a lovely laptop with a good screen, tons of disk space, loads of memory and is reasonably fast.

  4. Gin can have a detrimental effect on a keyboard. Unlike coffee, it is invisible and spillages cause keys to become unresponsive. Being right-handed means tending to set the tumbler at the right-hand side of the keyboard bringing consequent problems with letters like “l”

    • No.  Not peanut butter.  Never peanut butter.  Don’t like peanut butter.

      Did you know that peanut butter is brilliant bait in a mousetrap?  Much better than cheese.

  5. Coffee is worse than tea but hot chocolate really gums up the keys.  Guiness is almost as bad as hot chocolate. Gin helps 😀

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