The Surgeon General and The Pope — 11 Comments

    • It’s one thing when the bovine masses spout some rubbish but when their Head Honcho starts spouting the same bullshit people will start to notice.  Hopefully.

  1. The pope is a man picked by other men.  The communist pig we have as pope right now is the perfect example of this flawed system.  I don’t believe any thing he says.

    The same goes for the surgeon general.  Ever since 1966 when he came out and said smoking causes cancer I haven’t believed any thing he has said.  Clinton’s surgeon general came straight out and said he wanted to ban all forms of smoking.  Well thank God for the congress.  They shot him down in no uncertain terms.  The whole second hand smoke stuff is such a joke but unfortunately too many people believe it.  

    • To be honest I don’t agree or disagree with anything he says, simply because I haven’t a clue what his opinions are.  Haven’t listened to the Pope in many years.  The last thing I remember was a visit here in 1979.  He’s supposed to be coming back again sometime.  *yawn*

      As for the smoking thing, cigarettes may cause cancer [or maybe are a contributory factor] and second hand smoke is far less poisonous that the Surgeon General.

  2. I think that the response of CRUK is one of the most polite “fuck off we know what we are doing” I have ever read.


  3. A yes, the Sturgeon General. Regarding “safe levels of SHS,” I question:
    – Does this mean additional exercise yields zero benefit?
    – Does this mean eating *Insert Fast-Food Chain* 7 days a week is no different to fortnightly?
    You can see the logic fall apart right there.

    I have to wonder exactly why the medical community feels it can essentially dribble bullshit and expect people to pay attention. Okay, some do – but they watch reality TV so they automatically don’t count as part of my faux-research, as they may skew my results negatively and disprove the hypothesis I set out to prove anyway.

  4. In all of the antismoking crusades of the last few centuries, there is one common thread – incessant lying. There is no lie too big for antismoking zealots in attempting to force their deranged agenda into law. The lies are temporarily accepted through “appeal to authority” (argumentum ad verecundiam/auctoritatem). All antismoking crusades involve lies promoted as fact through abuse of authority, e.g., abuse of monarchy (King James, King Murad), abuse of religious authority (Temperance groups), abuse of medical authority (Eugenics).


    The current antismoking crusade is no exception. It’s medical “authority” that’s been abused with other groups (e.g., religious) then jumping on the bandwagon. To save reposting here, please see the series of comments by “magnetic01” entitled “A Short Study on Argumentum Ad Verecundiam”


    The Office of the Surgeon-General and the Centers for Disease Control were hijacked by antismoking activists in the 1970s. As far as tobacco goes, they are no more than activist organizations peddling agenda-driven propaganda masqueraded as “science”: It’s activism of the worst kind. It’s the OSG that incoherently re-defined (1988) smoking as “nicotine addiction”, a throwback to mid-1800s America. It’s the OSG that pushed secondhand smoke “danger” in the early days. It’s the OSG that promoted “Smokefree America by 2000”. It’s the OSG that promoted that nonsmokers keep their distance from smokers lest they die from a whiff of SHS. See the link above on how the OSG and CDC are used/abused to push the deranged idea of banning smoking in movies. It’s anti-smoking/vaping activists that are the major contributors/editors of reports under the auspices of the OSG/CDC. A plethora of “public health” groups and the media then cite the reports as authoritative/definitive. Question the public health fraudsters and you’ll be met with “who are we to believe? You, probably an industry shill, or the august institution of the OSG? It’s all agenda-driven propaganda. And they’re still getting away with it with the greatest of ease.


    From the Godber Blueprint, antismoking activists, i.e., leftists, are concerned with hijacking specific organizations so that their perceived authority can be exploited; activists are concerned with attention-grabbing slogans; activists are concerned with maintaining a high media profile; activists are concerned with avoiding questions; activists are concerned with manipulating lawmakers, the media, and the public into accepting all manner of measures against smoking/smokers.

    • Welcome Miramar, and I agree with everything you have said.  Right from the very outset, the whole movement has been based on lies, exaggeration, deceit and the distortion of fact.  It is my opinion that the on way that the whole edifice can be destroyed is by exposing those lies.  However countering lies with fact doesn’t work as the public have been so brainwashed over the years that they will dismiss the truth when it’s staring them in the face.

      However, when the Anti-Smoker Industry starts spouting stuff that even the simplest mind can see is false then there is hope, as once the faith aspect is destroyed they public will hopefully realise that there may be questions to be asked.  At present, the monster is beginning to eat its own tail so with a bit of luck we are seeing the beginnings of a turn-around.

      Maybe that’s a naïve view, but I can only hope?

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