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  1. “it’s in my black rubbish bin..”  safe?  Maybe next time you’ll have to sift through the bin lorries or rubbish depot?  If you can phone the delivery chappie why could he not phone you from outside HeadRambles Towers and let you know he’s arrived?  Its what they do here. We get a call on the day a parcel is due with an eta and they’re usually pretty accurate so we can listen out for their van.  

  2. How much more time and effort would it have been for the courier to have walked to your front door and knocked? Lazy twat.

  3. Yesterday was a busyish day where we were expecting a few people.  As a result, not only were we in all day but the garage door was wide open most of the day [and definitely at the time of delivery].  He could have put the parcel in the garage [a lot safer than the bin].  He could have yelled/pressed the door bell/left a note but apparently he thought he was the tooth fairy.  He never even gave me the opportunity to not give him a tip.

  4. Where do these post and parcel delivery companies find these people to employ? I thought only here in Germany we had a very special breed of delivery chappies. Here, they usually throw  a card into your mailbox saying you weren’t in so they couldn’t deliver your parcel – and then they run like hell back to their delivery van and get out like a bat out of hell. Then you can drive to the closest post office (if you’re lucky it’s the closest and not the one furthest away and without any parking spaces) to pick up your parcel. And if you’re very lucky, it indeed is there to be picked up.

    I wonder where they grow these delivery guys to be employed, obviously worldwide, to do their damnedest to annoy people? You think they have bets and in the evenings meet up to draw the winner of the day?

    • The delivery bloke seemed very surprised that I hadn’t found the parcel.  Did he think I make a habit of rooting around amongst the bins every day? 

      And how was I to know when it had arrived?  If I hadn’t checked their website I would still be waiting and presumably phoning the shop eating the face off them.

  5. Maybe the sneaky courier really wanted your parcel. Or he’s secretly a raccoon. You never know.

  6. I guess I’m kinda’ lucky when it comes to delivery people.  I have them all trained to leave packages on the table on the car porch.  This helps because we have a front door that we don’t use.  Every once and awhile I’ll find some mail left at the front door by some fill in for the regular mail delivery lady.  Ive thought about posting a little sign telling folks to deliver to the car porch but that sounds alot like work.

  7. And another thing …. wtf is “capturing a signature”?   Do they have big nets akin to butterfly nets supplied to them to prance about with hither and yon?  The mind boggles!

    • I did wonder about that.  Maybe the next time [if there is a next time] I will demand they do capture a signature, partly to see how it’s done and partly so they have to knock on the door.

  8. Do they even knock? Home all day today, parcel was left in the recycle bin which would be emptied tomorrow – what happens if you are away for a couple of days…

    I despair…

    • No.  No knock, no beep of the horn, no nothing.  He must have barely ducked in and out before haring off over the horizon.  It’s just as well I checked their site!

  9. Similar trick here earlier this year. Was expecting a delivery so waited in. Sitting in the kitchen the phone rang once for about 1 second, then quiet. I was suspicious. Checked last number and it was a mobile. Rang it and it was the courier. Told him we were in and expecting him to deliver.

    Basically he was hoping to get away with a ‘tried calling / no answer’. He could then avoid the 4 mile trip down the lanes and back again, and let tomorrow’s courier deliver it instead. Crafty feckers the lot of them!

  10. Think yourself lucky they actually left it. The GPO merely leave a little card saying they called and have taken it away again, being too idle to leave it with a neighbour. Bah!

  11. TNT are the worst for me, I had to chase up a parcel for 10 days, after two “phantom” deliveries (no knock – no card), other couriers at least pop a card through the door – “its in your garden waste bin, at the neighbours, in the neighbours glass recycling bin, at the back door” – the last for a piece of electronic equipment, I was luckiy it wasn’t pissing down or it would have been fucked…

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